Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Half Birthday Party

My dad had the idea to have a half birthday for my mom. She has always hated having a birthday right after Christmas and on top of that her birthday is the day after my dads. They always share a cake and very rarely is it made a big deal. Everyone hates to admit it but that would stink. Since there were more of us family in town on July 8th we through a surprise party. I love any excuse to decorate for a party, so I was in heaven. My sister Amy and I tried our best to get everything done whenever my mom was gone and made up some good stories about what we were doing. My mom wants to know everything, so it was hard to lie!
The Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes that my sis Amy made-delicious! 
Drink Station
The layout-minus the cake we were waiting on.
The tables-my mom happened to bring home a bunch of flowers so we reused them.
Hiding in the kitchen before my mom came in from church. 
Pure confusion-so wish this wasn't blurry!
Lemon Nothing Bundt-no other cake like it. My mom first unshared cake in many many years.
Opening presents and creepo Mike in the back!
My dad even got a pinata! Triceratops-Owen's favorite. Even my mom loved it hitting it. 
Little high Camryn
Ryan-so intense. 
Singing to her, with a half candle in there somewhere. I love this, because she truly loved getting spoiled. Nothing better than making someone you love so happy. Nice work Dad-this might be a yearly tradition too minus the surprise.


Whitney said...

What a cute idea! I love your mom's expression of being surprised and being sung!

Brenda said...

Darling idea. Your mom looks so happy. What great daughters she has! Not to mention a thoughtful husband. A lucky lady indeed.

Karen M. said...

How fum for you to document this for me! What a total and complete surprise for me-the best hubby ever to think of this and the best daughters/sons/in-laws to execute this plan. So great!