Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big Catch Up

We have been home from California for almost a month now and I am just getting around to posting about what has been going on since then. So here is a catch all for that. 
We visited one of the many plantations out here. The Smith Plantation in Roswell. I love all the character these places have. 
 I took the girls to go see a Marionette puppet show of Hanzel and Gretel. This so fun and entertaining for so many ages. But Camryn and I were fascinated by how they could move. She kept asking me if they were real or pretend, they were that good. 
At home, if I have the garage door open for any reason Reagan comes out in a flash. I usually find her crawling up into one of the cars or this chair. And loves to have anything in her mouth crawling around like a dog. This time it was a rubber ducky. 
I turned on the sprinkler and both girls just wanted to sit. They love that they get to sit together in this chair. It really is the best find from Grandma Brenda. 
 Finally Camryn got into it. I love all of her dance moves. 
 I love having helper girls. Camryn has always been interested in helping and now Reagan is into it too. She loves to help with the silverware. She pulls one out at a time and moves around the dishwasher until they are all gone. Way too cute, she gets the biggest kick out of it. 
Camryn peeling potatoes. 
Reagan has full on figured out going backwards down the stairs. I still freak out, but I love that she knows to turn around and slide down on her tummy. Camryn never did this. So crazy how different these two girls are. 
 Camryn up and decided she wanted to go to dance class again. So glad she decided not to quit at age 3. But since no classes were going on she put one on for herself. 
 Ryan had a debut on Designing Spaces on Lifetime this month talking about how to install decorative garage door hardware. It was so awesome watching him on TV. And both girls loved it and wanted to see it over and over. He needs to be on their daily, he is a natural. 
We had some good friends from Ladera the Dunning's move out her and Camryn and I are so happy to have such good friends here to play with. 
Our good friends the McGraths that we moved here with had their baby girl. Sage Leah. She is the cutest, sweetest thing. We got to watch their other little girl Maya for the day and a visit in the hospital. glad she is giving me my baby fix. Michelle looks so great and is handling recovery like a pro. She is impressive. 
 Another one of Reagan's favorite spots. In our closet up on this window seat to look out the window.
 And today she took 3 steps walking away from the wall and then figured out how to stand up in the car. She is so adventurous and coordinated, it really cracks us up.


Brenda said...

I love the many things Reagie finds to put in her mouth. And that she darts out of the house any chance she can get like a caged animal. NOT like her sister....which makes it so incredibly fun.

Karen M. said...

So many things-I don't know what to comment on first! Thanks for sharing their lives with us-we miss not seeing the fun things you and the girls do!