Saturday, June 1, 2013

May in Review

 May is beautiful in GA. The grass turns green and the trees are in bloom. And any moment it isn't raining is spent outside. 
Taking walks, 
playing ball, 
 And pretty much leaving in our swimsuits.
Sleeping babies in the car is just as good as a bath baby. Look at those heavy eyelids!
 I thought Camryn was our dancer. But I am not sure anymore. This little girl dances everywhere. She was loving the counter like it was her own mini studio. Total "Attitude" in the picture above. 
 Passe with her toe pointed.
 Arabesque and looking back.
 And a por de bra to the side. She was killing me with all of her positions!
 Our friend's Sarah and Shelby had the cutest birthday party. They are 13 months apart so it works for well for a joint party. With the carnival theme the girls loved having their faces painted.
 Kristy's cute decor. Loved helping with it!
 Hand painting the sweetest pony. Totally random and probably against PETA but the kids loved it. 
 And Camryn finally rode a pony! 4 years of talking about it and wanting to do it but being to scared-she finally did it. 
 Look at those scared hunched shoulders. She just kept saying this is fun, but I am all done now.
 And of course just like Camryn at that age, Reagan wanted nothing to do with the ponies unless we were from a distance. 
 And the one and only other person besides Ryan and I that can hold Reagan-Michelle. Her second mom out here. Poor girl lived with that binkie in her mouth almost the whole month of May because of being sick and getting her way.
My besties out here. From CA-GA and back again. We are losing Kristy to CA once again but I have loved these girls like family out here. 
Kristy, me, Michelle and Alia.
 Reagan is obsessed with Zurburts-does it on pretty much anything. A wall, the counter, yogurt containers, and her most favorite me! Both she and Camryn were killing me-I was laughing so hard and of course that makes them do it more!
 Celebrating Michelle's bday! So fun to go out just us without the kids to lunch and shopping. I am so lucky to have her here!
Strawberries and juice mustaches=Summer!
I absolutely love this sequence of pictures. When the girls get along their is nothing sweeter. 

They have to end up dancers right? They dance every where they go!