Saturday, August 18, 2012

Piedmont Park Pool

All the pools out here close on Labor Day. So we have 2 weeks to soak up the sun. I find that so lame being that it will be hot well into October. Guess we'll be at the lake and running through our sprinkler a lot. Since we have only been to Piedmont once for the pool I took the girls the other day. 
 This park is so pretty right in the middle of the city. I will miss the greenery this winter. 
 And the pool is right there nestled up to the lake. So the girls would take a break from swimming and feed the ducks and huge catfish-nasty to me. 
 Always so content to be outside. Roam where ever she pleases.
 Kicking back doing her cheesy smiles.

 My pretty grown up girl.
 She feels so free to go where she pleases with that inner-tube. Jumping of the side and going under the water. 
 Reagan would walk until she fell, then crawl swim and get back out and do it again. Repeats everything until she tires of it. She will stay focused for a good ten minutes. She loves to be off on her own without having me hold her. 

Camryn got a hold of the camera and caught me mid call with Ryan telling him what he was missing out on. Kinda fun to see I was there too. I think we might try to come back here one more time before it closes. Way too fun ad it has beach entry, lazy river and a toilet bowl circle current portion. I love living next to a cool city. 


Karen M. said...

I love seeing these swim suit beauties-including their mom! We take swimming in a pool so for granted. The girls are looking way too grown up and enjoying big girl tricks.

Brenda said...

Love cheesy smiles. Summer time will soon come to an end, but you and Ryan have certainly made the most of it!