Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zoo Atlanta

I bought tickets to the Zoo quite awhile ago but with the heat it never sounded enjoyable. So with the heat down and Ryan around on Saturday we hit it up. I have heard mixed reviews about the zoo, but we really liked it. 
 Feeding the Parakeets. Camryn loved it but yes was a little scared once it was right by her-same with Reagan. A little like the Wild Animal Park how you can fed the Lorikeets nectar.
 Finally seeing the Pandas that she wanted to see the moment we got there. Lucky for us they were awake, eating and rolling around all over the place. Of course Camryn has her purse and this time full of snacks for the family. Such a good mom.
 Can't decide which is cuter her hair, shoes or the fact that she is on tipping toes looking in.
 Lucky girl got to ride the carousel and all by herself this time. The girl is officially tall.
And just like her sister loved watching it and the idea of riding but way too scared to do it. What is with my girls at this age. But then again I am grateful I didn't have to buy two tickets. We will be back for sure. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Daily

These girls sure know how to melt my heart!
One night while Ryan was gone Camryn and decided to play with Reagan's hair after she was fresh from the bath. This little face kills me and then picture her walking around like this naked! Way too cute for words.
We have been walking in the morning a lot lately now that it has cooled down so much. Camryn is always bummed she doesn't have running shoes so she can exercise. So I couldn't resist giving her an early Birthday present-she thought she was so fast with these babies on. So funny. She actually didn't want her present early and said she wanted to wait until her party so she could have lots of presents to open but by the end of the day-she caved. 
Another afternoon Camryn and I were doing crafts and I looked up and saw a glimpse into Camryn's future. I love these moments. Where you can see them in 10 years in the same spot just an older version of themselves. Just looking busy doing homework laying on her bed. Too much for me to handle sometimes.

Had to capture Reagan sitting and cuddling for a minute too since she wasn't feeling well. You feel awful to say it but it is kind of nice when your kids are sick every now and again just for the mere fact of not moving so much and will finally let you hold them.
The daily grind can be burdensome and not pleasant but these moments make it worth it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Kristy's Painting Birthday Party

For my friend Kristy's birthday she wanted to go to a group painting class with me for a small fee. Well instead I asked my other friends Alia and Michelle if they would just show us the ropes since they are artists and can tell us how to paint. So we made a little party of it. Ordered take-out and snacked ourselves silly.
 Alia's cute craft/painting room with our decorations

 Yummy Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes
 Kristy's finished product. Turned out so good! So funny the difference between artists personalities and non-artist personality. Kristy and I are not artists and we whipped our paintings up in like 20 mins. We have a goal-know we want to paint so we do it and are done. 
 Hilarious in comparison to these two...the true artists. They were so into their own work and really working and thinking about "feeling it". I loved having are personalities mesh to create our pieces. 
It was so fun and nice to have "teachers" or supporters to help us know what to do. Such a great small little group of girls. Sometimes less is more and that is the case with these girls. (Alia-wasn't done with her chair)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

 Friday night we went out with the McGrath's and Steele's to Figo in Vinings. I finally got Italian food-since it wasn't Ryan's pick. But he ended up liking is Maine Lobster Ravioli. Such a cute restaurant and town. And these girls are pretty cute too. 
She sure knows how to pull of Leopard. 
And across the street was CamiCakes. Not my favorite but this Cami loves any cupcake. 
 Saturday my cute neighbor had a birthday party for their little boy Connor's 2nd Bday. She had the cutest party-so Pinterest worthy and she isn't even Mormon. Love this neighbor so much. And of course Camryn was the only girl and with a pink car!
 Brenda just sent this dress in the mail. So cute on her coloring. She looks like Kate Middleton here to me. Turning into such a pretty girl not a cute baby any longer. 
 And we can't keep this one inside the house. Ryan took her outside during the last hour of church after roaming the halls. She is in her element in the dirt. But still so darling! Look at that face.
 While teaching Camryn's sunbeam class I had to sneak a picture because these kids crack me up. Too bad it doesn't capture how good they all sit. And Camryn sits with her legs crossed and seems like she is 11 years old. Though I don't love teaching in primary-these kids are so dang cute-you can't not love them. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cagle's Dairy Farm

For my first week of teaching preschool we learned about farm animals and so for a field trip the next day we went to a local farm. Yes, Cagle's-sounds awful to me but the staff kept saying it like no big deal. Us moms got a kick out of it. It was a pretty legit farm out in the real countryside.
We got to watch them milk Miss Rosie and call her out of the barn. Much more efficient with a machine.
They let the kids put their hands on the suctions to see what it felt like-they thought it was pretty cool!

Then we took a hayride-Reagan would not sit down to save her life. 
Enjoying the country and fall smell in the air.
 Me and my babe-yes that is the Bjorn still hates to be on my back, so instead my back will hurt and she will be happy facing forward.
They would stop the tractor and let the dog off and have her herd the sheep and goats in one area-this spot was beautiful near this little lake. 
 Then did the same with the cows up to the hayride so we could see them up close. My girls hated this! But I thought it was so cool watching a dog control such big animals and they were actually scared of the dog.
 Then the kids got to fed the barn animals-pigs, calves, goats, chickens, roosters, and ducks all with corn leaves-I was surprised. Camryn would brave the pig but not the goats or calves. 
 After the tour we enjoyed a picnic and this fun Jumpee Pillow. Camryn's hair is amazing in this picture. The kids were obsessed and I actually had fun on it too. Such a perfect settling and weather for a day at the farm. 
 I love when it starts feeling like the fall!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cutest Faces

Does she not have the cutest grin in this picture? Walking around in her new sparkly Toms with her hands behind her back-she is big stuff. 
And those legs?

I showed the girls they could get into the new toy from Grandma Motley and they had a hay-day. At first it was slow stroller rides. 
Then went to crazy bobsled type rides. Camryn loved the control and Reagan was in thriller heaven. 
Having younger siblings is so fun for both people involved. Camryn kept saying "I'll give you another ride if you give me some money." Good thing Reagan had no idea what was going on.
She was pretty proud she fit in there too. Such a versatile toy!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day and Birthday Weekend

For my birthday all I wanted was a girls night. I have not had a GNO in a good 6 months. Ever since we have moved here. It was so nice to get out, talk as much as we wanted and not have to worry about babysitters or kids. We went to INC for dinner and ended up talking and eating well into the movie we were going to see. Sometimes I think that is better. We rarely get out like this and we all needed it. The food and drinks were delicious-Pineapple water and DC.

Then Thursday it was on to watching these kiddos. Five kids under the age of five. From oldest to youngest in this picture. 5,4,3,3 and 1. Talk about wild adventure. Thursday and Friday I had them on my own-which meant putting them all to bed on my own. This was at about 6:45. All bathed with cleaned jammies on and teeth brushed. All the kids were in bed by 7:30. I was pretty proud of myself. Being a single mom would be awful!
Friday was my birthday, so the McGrath's came up and we did take out pizza and Blue Bell ice cream for the kids-that stuff is the best.  Maya was in heaven with her big kid ice cream-such a cute group of kiddies-again Camryn with the tongue.
And a NBC for the adults! My favorite, another great surprise from Ryan-who almost stuck to his promise of not getting me anything.
With Ryan now there to help we were able to take the kids to a nearby waterpark. Just a small little thing that was perfect for these kids ages. 
 We all had so much fun. Look at those smiles. And that sky! Reagan loves her independence when the pool is a beach entry. And she was obsessed with going down the slide. Even Camryn loved it which is a big deal for her non-daredevil personality.

Ryan took both Camryn and Rowan under the big bucket a few times and made them love it! So funny to watch them cling to him. 

We wore them and ourselves out. A perfect way to end the summer and say goodbye to pools and waterparks-still think that is lame!
After Sunday with the the Dunning kids, Kristy came home and we were off the hook for Labor Day. All in all it was really fun watching so many kids-my kids loved it-but there was a LOT of poop! 
So Monday we laid low with a picnic in the backyard, walk to the gas station and a movie in 3D! We ordered Lorax On Demand and the girls were in heaven with their glasses and treat bowls. 
Who am I kidding we were all in heaven. Such a fun stay in kind of day. 
Reagan kills this look! We'll be doing this more often.