Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Lake and a Grown Up Girl

The weird thing about Atlanta, or at least what I have seen, it is gloomy most days even though it is really hot. In my California raised brain I have a hard time wanting to do outdoorsy things when it is like that. So when it is sunny we take advantage of it. Monday was like that. 85 degrees and sunny. So we went to the Lake. It is a lot lower now that at the beginning of the summer. So much so that they have stopped charging to get in. And shallower water is a plus with little ones, so it was a win win. 
 Brought Camryn's chair and Reagan took it over. She loves sitting in seats just her size. And gotta love that cheesy smile while eating Cheese-Its. 
Before out to the yellow marker it was 6 feet. But now it is 2 feet and water that is so warm. Camryn loved it cause she could "swim" without floaties. Then we went further so she could actually swim, but with floaties. She really needs to learn how to swim, she is super interested now. 
 Camryn playing in and Reagan eating the sand-they would go back and forth for over 2 hours. 
 We even talked Michelle into coming with a 2 week old Sage. She was a trooper. I may have worn her out, but I will do anything to be with a good friend. Maya was in heaven with the lake, puddles.  She is fearless. 
Reagan would crawl in the water and just keep her head out and is a total water baby.  
While there, Reagan figured out how to stand up without holding onto something-then take steps. Thankfully Michelle had her phone to capture it!
Such determination she has!
These puddles I have to admit were kinda nasty. But not enough to stop me from  letting my girls have fun in them. Nothing a bath can't rinse off, right?

Then the day after the lake, she did this. Stand up, walk, fall, repeat. She has been doing this everyday since. It is only a matter of time with this persistence. 
She is growing up too fast-she wants to eat with a fork. Doesn't like it in her fingers, I have to put it on a fork and she then puts it in her mouth. Too big and she isn't a year yet! But next week...


Carrie said...

HAHAHA! Reminds me of how Kyle learned to walk. I think it's the best funniest way! So hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

I LOVE your positive attitude as you explore a new place to live. So many people decide they hate it and spend their time wishing for what they don't have. Great attitudes lead to fun adventures.