Friday, August 31, 2012

Monster Bash

Ever since Reagan was around 2 or 3 months we have called her Monster. Not a scary monster or a mean monster just a cute little monster. So we found it only appropriate to have a monster party for our Reagie Monster. It was so fun to plan out and thankfully we had some great friends around to celebrate with. 
The Hanging Monsters
Fringed Crepe Paper
Wrapped Monster Straws
Monster Pastries-so grateful everything was monster themed so it was ok that they didn't look perfect. Especially those funfetti cake-pops (not easy to make look cute). Thankfully the kids loved them and made it all worth it. 
The "Smash" cake which I made smaller than a normal cake since I wanted to make cupcakes too. It was harder to get the frosting to work but it turned out so fun I thought. I love that it has a girlie flare and the pink turned out a hot pink just like I wanted. And that chocolate cake was heavenly and that homemade buttercream was the perfect topper. 
These were super easy and looked so cute.
For us Georgians who don't have a Cafe Rio-I thought it would be a perfect way to get our fix together.  The dressing was spot on and the homemade tortillas strips made me so happy. 
My good girl friends here. Alia, Kristy with Shelby and Michelle. So lucky to have them here. 
When the kids were done eating and restless we had them play Monster Toss in the Backyard.
They actually had a great time with them.
And taking pictures in them.
Love this one of Reagan laughing at Camryn doing it.
Reagan was so happy to open presents and loved this ladybug my parents got her. Love her expressions. 
So happy with her own baby doll. She loves babies so much.
Finally out of the box.
Her face it hilarious here, squeezing the baby so tight.
Singing to her made her so happy and she even did the shy shoulder. So funny. She loved the attention.
Enjoying the many cake pops. Of course Camryn with her sass. 
Reagan was so happy to get her hands on these. She had been dying to have one all morning. Camryn was so happy to give Reagan these necklaces and she didn't want to take them off. 
Scarfed down when I turned back around and looking at me like I need more. 
So she had some cake and ice cream too. It is her Birthday, right?
Pure bliss. 
Trying to get every last crumb.
And still wanting more.
I think she knew how much she was loved and adored because she kept giving Ryan and I hugs all day. So glad it was captured. She is so sweet and it was really such a blast to celebrate such a cute little monster. 


Brenda said...

Well I think everything looked perfect! Darling decorations, cake, games, and pictures. I'll make sure to be there next year!

Carrie said...

Great girlie monster party! Super cute! Loved it all...especially the picture of the hug. They are so great and they get big and don't fit that well in a holding hug for long...and LOVE it! Glad it's recorded!

nikki said...

What a cute party - thanks for documenting so we could all see! She looks like she had a great day and you came up with the cutest stuff. I love the monster idea!