Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekly Happenings

Family Night planting flower seeds and learning about taking care of the Earth. Camryn was thrilled to get these seeds from Grandma Brenda in the mail.
Proof that she does wear clothes. And I had to take it fast before they came off.
Signing one last document to finally sale our home!!! Can't believe it has been so long. Camryn thought this was the best place to be and loved playing office.
Chopped! I have been thinking about cutting my hair for a while and finally with the heat I pulled the trigger. That and went lighter again. 8 inches feels like a foot! 
Watering "her garden" Cheap labor but high water bills. But the trade off is worth the entertainment and watching her cute hand positions. 
Starting to feel like home...weird.

Monday, May 28, 2012

9 Month Old

  Can't believe we already have a 9 month old around here. Camryn always says to me, "How can Reagan stand like that, eat that, do that..." It is true it is going by so fast it doesn't seem like she should be able to do the things she is at this age. She is still crawling like an inch worm, although tonight she wasn't so well see if it sticks by tomorrow morning. She pulls herself up to everything and can transfer and stand on her own for 1 second. She is such a sweetheart and is very independent and loves to be adventurous. I can see this one really getting hurt because she just goes for it with everything. She loves kids/babies especially Camryn, being outside, Nugget and being in the water. Love this monster so much!
And of course we couldn't leave out Camryn in the photo shoot. Cutest sisters around. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ryan's First Real Deal Triathlon

Peachtree City Triathalon
Watching these races can be such a gamble. Never know if you are actually going to get to see anything because of the timing of when you get to each location and everyone looks the same. Hence why this was the first time I have been to a race and brought the girls along. We lucked out though and saw him finish the 25 mile bike ride and transition to the 10K and then finish the race.
Real proud girl of her dad. "Dad, how you run so fast?" Love kids for this stuff. Cause the whole time she was saying, "Why is Daddy taking so long?
Obsessed with the bike he had to rent since his hadn't made it out here since the move. Might be a problem since these things cost as much as a run down car.
 This was the lake he swam in. So pretty here and a great place to wait while he raced.
 See those orange buoys at the very end? That is where he had to go around and come back. A mile swim, but he says it was the best swim than any other sprint tri he has done even though it was double in length. So warm and clear. 
 It was so fun to come see what Ryan works towards everyday when he leaves for the gym and I am still dead asleep. Apparently this won't be his last-he loves this races, so I guess it is good we enjoyed coming out for it. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Georgia Aquarium

My new RS President volunteers at the Aquarium and during the summer she get free tickets on Friday evenings to give out. Us being new in the ward, we luck out with one of the first nights she had available. We got there a little early so we had some time to kill outside beforehand. The aquarium and the Coke Factory share the same lawn and it was such a pretty view. 
The girls were in heaven. And we were so happy to spend time with Ryan. Seems like we hadn't been out as a just the 4 of us in a while. 
Coming from having Sea World passes I wasn't expecting too much. But this aquarium is actually really nice and big. They have a ton of stuff for kids. In almost every exhibit they have places to go "inside" the aquariums. Camryn thought it was the coolest thing. You also get to go "inside" with the penguins with  glass containers around you. 
Very much like Vegas and Sea World they have the tube. But I have NEVER seen a whale shark like this!!! Insane how big this thing was. We spent so much time in here just watching the massive whale sharks and manta-rays swim above us. 
My sweet girl taking it all in.
This is the same tank as the tube, but is just a huge wall  and they had music playing. So Camryn thought it was an appropriate to dance. Even got to slow dance with Dad.

Camryn is still talking about the "quarium" and when we can go back. So we might have to get passes especially since we didn't get to see the beluga whales apparently one is pregnant and very sensitive. Also, the dolphin exhibit was closed and didn't get to see then do their show. It is not Sea World, but I have to say it comes in a good close second to that.

Monday, May 21, 2012

'Round the House

I was not expecting to walk in and see this when Reagan was crying in her room when she was supposed to be sleeping. Just 2 days after she learned pull herself up she was doing this. Not what I was hoping to have happen. Nap time is so much harder now.
She loves finding the smallest spaces and hiding there and this time pulling out cords from the wall. One of her favorites thing and my least favorite thing.
But you can't get mad at that face.
One longing to come in and the other to go out. She thinks it is the coolest to stand up on everything now. Still crawls like an inch room and then stands up and goes to the next place.
I have started having Camryn nap again and it is has changed both our lives. It is a power struggle for 20 minutes but it is worth it every time. Apparently she was just sleep deprived and that is why is got so naughty during this time of day almost everyday.
 Mother's Day I got this in bed. The yummy strawberries we picked and an amazing cinnamon roll. I have finally put my finger on why breakfast in bed is so great. It isn't necessarily the eating in bed-that Ryan wouldn't be able to handle-it is the not having to get out of your cozy bed to make anything and especially not having to get your kids their food first. Amazing.

 Ryan has gotten so good at making focaccia bread and I am so happy about it. Fresh baked bread-nothing better.
Not having to make dinner is right up there with the breakfast in bed. I just wanted to be pampered on Mother's Day and I was with Crusted Chicken with Poppy Seeds, rice, asparagus and that bread! And of course brownies and ice cream for dessert.  I also got to have Camryn sing for me in Sacrament metting (her first time) and it was so cute, then the RS hour we got this amazing spread for brunch made by the men. All I need. 
Well that and cute things said by your kids. Love this stuff. Really think that Mother's Day is starting to be my favorite holiday. Wish it were once a month.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Uncle Jake's Visit

We have been so lucky to have so many visitors which has made this transition to a new place so much better. This weekend we were able to spend time with Ryan's brother Jake and his friend Cami. Jake just finished Law School in Portland and before he graduates and takes the Bar he is doing a Southern Road Trip. He wants to see all the states in the US and so with us being down here it was a good excuse to knock out all the states down here. It was a quick trip but we were able to do some fun things in just a day.
We explored the Virginia Highlands area. Fun shops to see and we stopped at Bella Cucina for some baguette and artichoke dip to hold us over until our late lunch. This was so good, I would go back just for this and all the other food looked amazing. 
Then we went to Piedmont Park. It is the Central Park of Atlanta. A huge park with a lake in the middle of the city. And we couldn't have asked for better weather.

They had these cute porch type swings all around the lake. So quaint and relaxing. Can't get over this picture of Camryn and Jaker. Not posed at all which makes it even cuter.
Uncles are the best.
View of part of the city. It actually is a very cool city.
 Pit stop at the playground. This girl was having the time of her life. She is going to be a park lover. She was obsessed with this tunnel and crawling all over the place.
Camryn lost some layers after running around. I think we will be back here quite often.
 Then it was time for some good BBQ. Heirloom Market BBQ. This was a serving for one and we shared it as a family. Amazing mac and cheese. I think Reagan ate one of the sides on her own. And so much meat on the ribs. But Jake gets the prize because he ate this all on his own and then had two briskets on the side! Love that.
 Then it was on to Roswell Square for dessert. We wanted The Pie Hole, but it closed just minutes before we got there. So instead we tried Kelly Kakes-the atmosphere made it so fun. The balcony overlooked the street and we go to sit in the same kind of quaint swing at the table. Jake ordered a Peach Marmalade Shortcake which was very appropriate being in GA and was delicious and Cami's and Ryan's brownie were excellent too. By the end we all were so tired and stuffed that we could hardly keep it together. Such a fun day with Jake and Cami, so glad they stopped in to visit.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Strawberry Fields

When Brenda was in town we attempted to go pick strawberries, but the field we went to were closed. So when we had a break from the Atlanta heat and had a beautiful "California"weather day we traveled  to one of the other farms. Within seconds  of picking Camryn got stuck in a huge puddle of mud she got so upset but then we were able to recover and had such a fun shoeless outside day. 

 Best part for sure is all the sampling you can do along the way.

 Break for a picnic lunch and then back to it to fill our gallon bucket.

 So much for not giving babies strawberries until they are one. She couldn't leave any on the bushes. Stems and all sometimes. She is so much more strong willed and wanting to do everything on her own then Camryn ever was. No way could I hold her, she needed to be down in the action. Pull herself up to each spot and crawling to the next. 
 One of my favorite days with these two girls I have ever had.
 And my favorite picture of these two as of yet. For just 10 bucks, I think we will be back.