Monday, August 27, 2012

The Daily Duo

Reagan continues her love of all things girlie. And thankfully Camryn has enjoyed sharing her goods. So proud of herself of looking so good even without pants. 
Camryn found her a tutu and she was pretty happy about that. And then loved pushing the baby in the swing and carrying her in her carseat. 
And giving loves.

But she slowly realized it is pretty hard to walk, look good and take care of a baby. Rough life as a mom, right?
This week Camryn started ballet classes again and she couldn't even contain herself for a normal picture. 
Reagan was pretty excited too. She was glued to the window so she could watch her sissy dance. 
 And got to sit like a big girl and read while she waited. This girl loves books. 
And I love her cheeks and profile.
And after nap or morning cuddles. She will just sit and watch videos. I love this time with her. 
 This picture Ryan took when he got home from work. She just up and asked if she could vaccum. Girl loves to clean and just volunteers to do any cleaning throughout the day. Really praying that it sticks with her. 


Karen M. said...

Wouldn't that be great if it did stick and she kept your house clean as a whistle for you? Reagan has changed so much in a month that it is crazy! What an independent cute little bug!

Brenda said...

Camryn is you, loves order and cleanliness....and the sass shown in the pictures, her dad. Fun mix. Can't wait to watch Reagan's personality develop. Can't wait for the birthday post!