Friday, August 3, 2012

Reagie Monster-11 Months

How are we less than one month away from her 1st Birthday! It is scaring me how fast this is going. She is the sweetest independent little thing I know. She is standing on her own now and has taken one step a few times. She is just weeks away from figuring it out. I cannot wait until the walking stage-5 months of crawling is too much for me. Although it is so cute. She is becoming a full on toddler. 

 Her no handed squat from standing to sitting. This girl has coordination that her sister still has yet to have.
 Love these tippy toes she always has. 

 Camryn always is the one to make her laugh like this.

I will be enjoying this last month with my age zero baby and try to ween myself from nursing her. Babies are so fun.


Brenda said...

Oh I love that face!

Carrie said...

Such cute pictures! Love her!

Karen M. said...

It has gone by sooo quickly! You summed her up quite nicely too. What a sweetheart!