Thursday, May 30, 2013

April Through My Iphone

Just uploaded all my iphone pics so I thought a post would be a good way to showcase all the pics I had. 
At the library-Reagan wouldn't just play with the blocks like Camryn she sat in the box and kept falling back in it. Very normal.
One of many sick days-Reagan didn't make it far from her bed and chose to watch a show in the hallway. Poor flu girl.
More sick bodies. So sad. 
Then we had a beautiful sunny day and made it outside-so I could weed and Camryn could water and pose. 
One of the girls' favorite things-going to the gas station for a drink/treat and this time riding in the front seat. They were in heaven. 
We thought Reagan was better and had preschool at our house and the poor thing could leave my lap even if it was outside and nice. 
She wants so badly to be big like Camryn and has been trying to go on the potty when she feels it! So cute, but too early in my book.
After finally feeling better and having more nice weather we hit up the zoo. I love these pics with my girls. 

A rare moment while the pandas were awake and right by the window. 
And of course the merry-go-round. Can't leave without a ride and it is always worth it.

I adore this picture I captured that day. I sure hope they will always love each other like this.
Painting with Chalk-when I feel like I am a good pinterest mom.
And that bun? Really?
After bath baby-never gets old to me. She is still a baby even if she is closer to 2 than 1.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yurt Jealous

A few months ago when Ryan and I took the girls to the lake to throw rocks we grabbed a bunch of brochures to see if we needed to be doing anything we hadn't. We both saw that a few of the lakes here had yurts and we knew we had to do it. The day finally rolled around that we reserved. Of course though Reagan still was sick with the flu and it was raining that day we weren't sure if we should go or not. But we'd lose money and this awesome time if we didn't go that day. So I got everything together the day of and thankfully by the time I got everything in the car and Ryan was home from work it stopped raining! It is only about an hour away but of course we had the lovely GA traffic.
But we pulled up to our little yurt just as the sun was going down. Right on the water and so quaint.
Best part was not having to set up a tent in a rush as the sun was setting. We just turned on the lights in the yurt and set our stuff down and watched the sunset from our balcony.
Reagan crashed and went right to sleep and slept all through the night.
And Camryn got one on one time with Mom and Dad. So excited about S'mores-her fav part of camping. That is the best part right?
We all slept so good that night. Having a heater was a game changer and a must with small children. 
But it wouldn't be camping without yummy breakfast treats you never get at home. These were delicious. 
Oh I forgot to mention Ryan was still getting over a cold-so he napped in the morning and the girls and I played in the yurt until it warmed up outside.
This is a picture of the inside. It sleeps 6. Camryn had top bunk, queen futon we slept on, couch/futon and a chair/twin futon and Reagan in the pack n' play. You just have to bring your linens-which I prefer. Such a great set-up.
Once it warmed up we went for a little hike. This is the other side of the lake looking at our yurt. We just walked the trail around the lake which is 7 miles. But with the girls I think we made it 3 miles. 
Camryn's black tom's and socks are my favorite and so are my boot leg jeans. Felt so weird.

It was actually a plus that Reagan was sick and didn't want to walk/hike-loved getting to have her in the Ergo like she was a baby. And on the way back she even fell asleep on me. Ryan and Camryn went back on the trail because Camryn could find her gloves. Loved this quiet moment walking back alone with Reagan asleep. After a 3 hour nap (I even got a little one) the McGrath's came up so we had lunch together and then headed to the lake. 
The water was freezing. But the girls didn't care.
Reagan would go play and then need to rest for a bit. This was the spot she chose. Love this picture so much and think she will when she is older. 
Then back to the yurt so the guys could take Camryn and Maya on the canoe they have when you rent there. The girls were in heaven-until Maya fell in! Lucky she is the most adventurous 2 year old I know and was totally fine after she warmed back up.

So picturesque. 
BBQ for dinner but we struggled with our fire for a while until the Host had to help us. Two non-eagle scouts couldn't get it going. No actually it was the worst wood and we needed wax to get it going. Who knew?
Sick cuddles. Poor girl was so happy to be in element but couldn't enjoy it the way we knew she would if she was feeling 100%.
Until I got her diaper off to put her jammies on and she ran around the campsite like a crazy person! 
Reagan again went to bed without a hitch and the older kids and adults had fun chatting, listening to music and roasting too many s'mores.
My best friend out here. Love Michelle so much! 
Girls having the time of their lives until the Mcgrath's had to go home for bed. 
Smart Yurt Trip 2013
Hoping there are more of these to come. This park was so clean and well done! It ended badly with Ryan getting the flu in the middle of the night on top of his chest cold and throwing up in the lake. But even that didn't shake our fond feeling of this camping trip.