Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reagan's Birthday at the Aquarium

My mom got us passes to the Georgia Aquarium for my birthday and so I thought it would be fun to first use them on Reagan's birthday.
Started off the day wanting her crown on for breakfast. Only appropriate, right?
 Too focused on the fish to look at me.
 Loving the dolphin shows. What is it with my girls and their expressions. Can't ever be a smile. I love Reagan holding the sandwich like a big girl. Uncrustables. What would I do without them? Camryn literally eats one everyday-might be gross to some but they make us all very happy.

 Massive whale sharks.
 And Manta-Rays-this aquarium is really very cool.
 And Reagan was so happy she could walk it!
 Nice thing is that we only lasted 2 hours before meltdowns but knowing we can come back anytime is great. Thanks Mom. 

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Brenda said...

Great gift that keeps on giving! And a great mom to take the girls multiple times.