Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sister Love

These two are really starting to love each other. I love their little interactions. 
This was on one of our morning hikes on Kennesaw Mountain. 
Camryn's glasses and poses and Reagan's faces-these two kill me.

Then we got to try out Camryn's new bike she got from Ryan's parents. 
 Day 1: lasted about 2 minutes and was done.
 Day 2: Much better lasted a good 30 minutes or so. She figured it out and then wanted to pull Reagan around. Which she thought she could do even before she learned how to ride. She at least had something to motivate her!
Cutest family. 
 We had a couple days of errands and lucky for us next door to the tire shop is this great pet store. It was seriously magic and we killed an entire hour there looking at the animals and playing with the puppies.
I was in love with Reagan's big girl outfit. I love doing blogs and instagram because it really makes you appreciate the life you have when you step back and don't see all the tantrums and crazy yelling that actually goes on.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finally 4!!!

All Camryn would say is I want a Princess Party for her 4th Birthday. That in translation to me was girlie and pink and she wanted to feel like a princess. I saw some inspiration for a sprinkles explosion and then ran with it. It was so fun and really who doesn't love sprinkles?  

I ordered a pound of Sprinkles online at Nuts.com-I'm obsessed with that website-any topping/candy you could dream of! I just did desserts so I could really focus on the sprinkles. Camryn walked into the room after being at a friends and was so happy! I tried to have Ryan tape it but couldn't get it fast enough. So worth it. 
This cake turned out so fun too-rolling it in sprinkles was easier than I imagined.
Sprinkled Whoopie Pies, wafer cookies, Cake Batter Bark and sprinkle rimmed glasses.
My friend Michelle designed the banner to match the theme and turned out perfect. And confetti clear balloons-the kids had so much fun with them
And my other friend Kristy snapped this cute picture of the Princess herself. So nice having such talented friends to help!
Camryn and her new friend Jade. It was so fun having all the girls come dressed up like Princesses. And Camryn loved her crown and veil I made to have her feel extra special.
She was legitimately so happy while we sang, loved the attention and slightly embarrassed. 
So glad we got this on video. This is exactly what Ryan would do when he was sung to as a kid.
Even cake batter sprinkled ice cream. She I believe ate a good portion of this. Not a big eater unless they are sweets.
Reagan was thrilled to eat the leftovers that spilled on the blanket!
Time for kiss the Frog Prince on the Lips! Even got the boys to wear lipstick and have a turn! Hilarious!
They all were either really good or cheated. Either way they had fun and I had fun painting the frog!
It was such a fun party and Camryn got spoiled in every way.

 We also decorated her room for the morning of-the girls ran back and forth for a good 30 min and loved the confetti balloons on the ground.

When Camryn is such a cartoon-she kept jumping up and down and said "It is like a dream come true!!!"
And to go with the theme we had cake batter pancakes. Pretty yummy-but why wouldn't they be?
 4 year olds are so fun on their birthdays cause they really get it and have so much fun. 
Let's hope this year goes off just like her special day!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Springs Pumpkin Patch

I have a true love of pumpkin patches. So I was on a mission to find the best one but not too far of a drive. This one was really pretty, but I would have liked there to be a little more activities for the kids to do/see and have the pumpkins on the vine. Nice thing is it was a very authentic farm with animals and a great long hay-ride that we had all to ourselves. 
Cutest sign out front.
Nothing gets better than a good picture with all of your friends-just so happened we had the hay-ride all to ourselves! I love this picture so much-Reagan even looking even though she didn't want to be held.
On the hay-ride
Already looking 4!

Like I said-love pumpkins.

  Camryn pulling Reagan and Maya in the wagons was the cutest thing.

 I could just eat Reagan's face in this picture! 
Thankfully my beautiful friend Kristy brought her camera and got WAY better pictures than I did-so all the good ones are her doing. Love these friends of mine. 
Pumpkin Patch-CHECK!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trip to the Doctor

I swear she was sick and we left the office with a diagnosed ear infection, an inhaler for her wheezing and coughing-but sure didn't seem like anything was wrong. She was loving all her one on one attention with just me. Love this ham of mine.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking Advantage

With this beautiful weather we are having we are trying to take advantage of every bit of it! Sunday between conference we went to Kennesaw Mountain for a stroll that ended in a hike. Why does that always happen? 
 Pretty views of the city real tiny in the distance.
These girls are really starting to love hiking! 
 After seeing Reagan in her gold sparkling Tom's trying to hike in the dirt-I decided it was time for some tennis shoes of her own. I love them on her-blue and neon green are so much cuter than butterflies and sparkles. She loves them too.
The girls love running the hills by the lake and good thing cause there were no ducks or geese to feed. 
Her hair is getting so long! And her many faces kill me!
 Thursday we went soto "camping." Some friends of ours got a campsite but it was only available on school/work night. So we came made tin foil dinners, let the kids throw rocks, made S'mores and then came home when we were tired and had enough of the dirt and smoke. Perfect camping if you ask me.
 My kids are cute-fall here is heaven. The end.