Sunday, August 26, 2012

7 Years

I figured with no family around to watch our kids we would be doing something small for our Anniversary this year. But Ryan apparently had his own ideas. We had talked about wanting to go to a concert a few months ago and I just figured that was something you just talked about. Ryan found out that Jason Mraz was coming to Atlanta and made it happen without me knowing. Best surprise. Well even better was Christina Perri was touring with him. I have loved her since the Jar of Hearts debute on SYTYCD. 
 Next best thing is that Ryan got us 3rd row seats and had no idea. Hilarious and so awesome.
Christina was so tiny and so cute. She was so humble and love that she was just a simple waitress and then her life up and changed in one day. 
 We were so close it was ridiculous and really loud at times-we are getting old. We couldn't get over the raw talent in both singers and their bands. So crazy to have a gift like that. 
 No big deal just Jason right there, no zoom, just right there.
 Don't mind my silly brace that doesn't even work for my jacked up hand. Who knows, just hurts. But at least my date is cute.
 Lame $8 soda. This one can't live without it though.
There last number they played with the whole band. Best concert I have been to, to date. Such a fun way to celebrate. I sure married a catch!


Karen M. said...

You're right! He is the best at surprises, for sure! Glad it turned out so fun and the girls did great with a babysitter. Crazy that seven years have flown by this fast!

Brenda said...

Beautiful couple+seven years=two of the cutest baby girls I know.