Monday, October 31, 2011

Goodbye Binkies

Ryan and I knew this day was coming for quite sometime, but after Camryn turned 3 we knew it was time to pull the trigger. We knew it was going to have to be something major and leave it to Ryan to come up with the perfect plan. And after a LOT of talking about it we made a family night date of it and headed to the Disney Store. Ryan talked to one of the employees about our plan, while Camryn and I shopped for the perfect prize. 
 She had already decided on a Snow White doll since that is what she would be for Halloween. And the Rapuntzel was additional so she could have something to sleep instead of her beloved binkies. 
 When she was already the employee played up the paying with binkies perfectly. The one time we actually appreciated the cheesiness of their employees. She had the perfect amount to buy the dolls-7 binkies (we scoured the whole house to make sure we got them all).
 Don't worry that both Ryan and I got a little choked up for her. But she was so proud of herself and was so excited about her purchases-we have never bought anything from the Disney Store before.
We celebrated with her favorite Panda Express or Panda Eat Eat as she still calls it. And thankfully has not asked for it once ever since. She knows where they went and is so excited to be a big girl. Sleep on the other hand is not a fun. No more naps unless in the carand the number of times she is awake in the middle of the night has greatly increased. Success I would say-but it is still a rough for both parties. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will start to see even more progress!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


These two are not easy but these are the moments that make it all worthwhile. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Portland & Camryn's Birthday

We were so lucky to have Ryan's parents plan a trip to Portland with the whole family a few months before we had Reagan. And it couldn't have come at a better time. We had such a great time-the baby did awesome the whole trip. Camryn on the other hand was a different story! She is usually a dream so when she isn't, Ryan and I have no patience. Bad combination when staying in a hotel and with family almost all day and you want you child on their best behavior. It was hard to want to spoil such a stinker for her birthday. But here are all the times were she could at least put a smile on her face.
Grandma Brenda showed Camryn a great way to travel in airports-at the mercy of Grandpa's arms. He's a good papa.

 Obsessed with holding Grandma's umbrella even though it wasn't rainy. So grateful Uncle Cody got her very own for her birthday.
 Headed out on the town for shopping and fun with Aunt Lindsey-can tell how excited Camryn is to have her picture taken.
Aunt Lindsey's hair skills. Wish she were around to do my hair everyday.
I wanted to make her day extra special and so we decided on getting her make-up done. One of her new favorite things. Yes...she is only turning 3.
After a long day out and many tantrums later we went back to the hotel to rest the remainder of the day. Which was nice to get cozy with the weather so cool outside.

"The Brothers" at the game. Cody has never known how to smile in pictures so he figured a cougar growl would be the most normal.
Meanwhile the boys came back from the Oregon State/BYU game. Fun to have all the brothers together. Camryn loves her Uncles and it is so fun to have them pay so much attention to her. Also, Cassidy and Whitney came up for the night to help celebrate. 
You would think with that big breath she would have gotten all the candles but not even close.
Sharing a seat with cousin Cassidy

When she opened these Barbie outfits, her response was, "!" In the funniest voice-she really is such a girl. 
Camryn got clip-on earrings for her birthday. These guys decided to play, "Who would make the prettiest Smart girl".  It's easy to see that none of them have what it takes, but they told Ryan he could get into a lesbian club and no one would bat an eye. Cody on the other hand looks like his Grandma.

Baby Reagan getting ready for her close up
We were also able to get a family picture together which doesn't happen too often on such a beautiful day. I think it turned out pretty well-Thanks David and Vanessa for helping us out!
Cute cousins

As I mentioned before David and Vanessa allowed us to get a picture altogether so we had to get one with them too. Ryan and I were so happy to finally meet Penelope-who is exactly one month older then Reagan. She is so sweet and we just love getting to visit with the Wilkes.  It was a great trip and we were so glad to get to be with the whole family and visit with some great friends. Just hoping this stage doesn't last too long for Camryn! If you haven't visited Portland it is a must, such a cool city with great food but still a small city feel.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Camryn 3rd Birthday Party

Since we'd be in Portland for Camryn's actual birthday and her good friend Scarlett's birthday is 3 days after hers we decided to combine the two and make it just a small playgroup party. Scarlett's mom, Ashly and I are great friends so we pulled together our resources and made a cute little party for our 3 year olds!
Thankfully Ashly is amazing at the creative stuff and got the inspiration from a tablecloth she already had and printed out the cutest banners and labels for the party.
The dress up station-a must with both girls
Cute banner made by Ash and sewed by me.
The spread-the tablecloth gave us the idea for a tea party. With our girls tea sets and all other supplies we both had all we needed were the napkins. I love the paper straws and cupcake stands.
The girls were able to make their own "tea" with pink lemonade powder to mix in their water. Genius idea, except that Camryn's ended up was more like a paste-like consistency with all the powder she scooped in there-they were obsessed.
The cute birthday girls
Princess dance party
And the favors-I saw this idea on pintrest for creating your own edible tea cups and so we had the girls make them for their craft and then took them home with candy inside. 
I just love that Camryn is such a girl so I can throw parties like these that end up being just as fun for me as it is for her.
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We got to enjoy a few cool weather days down here and it was really starting to feel like fall!  So we went with a bunch of friends to our local pumpkin patch for FHE the other night. Reagan loved being out and all the kids had a blast riding a ton of rides. Camryn, however; would only brave the fair swings-such a chicken! I swear one day she'll get on a pony. When she turns 3 is what she would say, well 3 is what she'll be in four days and don't see anything changing.  And now here we are back to 90 degree weather! So sick! Fall, please come back!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Around the House

2 weeks-love the smiling in her sleep

Already for church and Dad's Birthday- 2 1/2 weeks
Taking a nap with the dog...yes she loves her tummy
Mine and Camryn's toes...her's are way cuter
3 weeks old

Getting her to stop crying at night white noise blaring & a laser show-totally worked...well for  5 minutes that is. The crazy things you can come up with just for a break in crying!
Camryn's cute ballet bun
Painting her own nails for the first time
Smiley girl at 5 weeks when you can finally capture it on camera. 
Staying at home with just Camryn used to drive me crazy-I'd get so antsy. Now it is a reality when we stay home all day because sometimes it is just too hard to get out. Thank goodness there are times like these that make it all worth it to be at home with these 2 girls.