Friday, November 30, 2012

Catch Up

I was on a roll for so long...then I got busy. I think that is what they call the Holidays. It is true.
It got cold here and Camryn is loving wearing her rain boots but still insists on a skirt. Girls got style.
Then it really got cold! This is probably the cutest little bundle I've ever seen. But I am biased. 

 Art projects on the floor. Reagan copies Camryn in every way.
Watched The Dunning's again. Always so fun and eventful. Watched them on my own again as Ryan went to UT for his Grandma's funeral at the last min. Luckily these kids get along so well. 
 Three loving the dirt and worms and the other posing with my glasses. She is so bad!
 Bath time with the crazies and of course Rowan needed to be involved in the whole thing!

 Single mom heaven-Catch Air. The kids can go crazy, won't get hurt and I can just follow around Reagan. We were pooped after 3 hours. It did it's job yet again. 
She could have played here all day!
And these kids in here-hope they marry each other one day! Beautiful babies they would make!

 Real proud I got them all ready for church and their Primary Program. That is a feet!
And snapped this of Camryn. Gorgeous girl.
Again with the laying on the ground at the Aquarium watching the dolphins. Ok now on the the present...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Festivities

Camryn decided long ago that she wanted to be Ariel. I lucked out and found the cutest pattern for a mermaid costume. And lucky for us my mom/Grandma was willingly to whip it up for us. She makes costumes so fast and they always turn out so cute. This was no exception-may have been one of my favorites of all time.
This was her reaction when she first saw herself. Make and hair done. I added a glitter spray painted shell and red hairspray.
She looked 16 years old with that beautiful auburn hair and her make up done. And she played the part quite well too. 
Better view of the whole costume.
And Ariel can't be left alone and so that is where our Sebastian came in. I found a crab hat and took the piece and parts off and made a headband out of it. She didn't leave it on all night but the times she did she looked ridiculously cute.
I even made Reagan's tutu-probably took more time than the time she had it on so it wouldn't get squished but it was cute! Sadly-these are the only pictures of her dressed up since she was asleep before we could even get her costume on-on Halloween night. Poor sick baby. 
Trunk or Treating was fun even though dad was gone at the BYU/ Georgia Tech game along  most of the guys and families in the ward.
I was so sad to wash Camryn's curls and auburn hue out but happy to have another round in the days to follow. 
 My friend Kristy's little boy Rowan (the kids I watch sometimes) celebrated his birthday with a Zombie/scary halloween party. I felt I needed to dress the part. I found some scrubs at a garage sale and then cut them up and stained them. Topped it off with a doctor's mask. It was actually really fun to dress up this year. It is always fun if everyone gets into it. 
This was at the cute party-Camryn making a skelton, Reagan the zombie baby and Camryn trying to be scary.
The night of I tried to capture more of Camryn's personality all dressed up. I think I did ok. 

And my friend Alia got this one! 
And got Ryan to dress up! He did awesome with his own make-up and a nasty wound!
  We had some of our friends over for dinner and trick or treating. After we were freezing we came back for pumpkin bars and caramel apple cider. Such a fun night. Sad Reagan missed it all-but it 
was also nice not having to worry about her. 

Better pic of the girls
 The two Ariels- Maya and cute kitty, Sage.
 Zombie Doctor and nurse and Ariel bring out her inner scary!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Girl Heaven

For Camryn's Birthday I planned to take her on a momma date! And then when it came time to do it she didn't want to go and the spa we were going to was booked. Of course. So we planned for this past Saturday and she was so excited and I was excited to have some one on one with my oldest!
We headed to the Dazzling Diva Spa-she was in heaven the moment we stepped in. She was a little nervous as I wasn't doing it with her-it was all for her but she ended up doing fine as long as I stayed close. 
She loved all the pampering and just kept saying I haven't ever done this before. 
 She even tried talking to the lady doing her nails-"This is my first time here" she said and the lady wasn't listening. Poor thing she really is an adult just trapped inside her 4 year body. 
 Such a natural-she couldn't wipe the smile off her face. She got two colors on her toes and two different colors on her hands and then all with glitter on top. She can't help herself.

Next up was a make up application-she asked after why do they only do eye shadow? Probably because that is "age appropriate"-she wanted the whole gam-it! Beforehand they give facials with cucumber and a chocolate mask but after seeing the pictures she didn't want to do that-too messy and ugly was my guess.
Then she got to pick out a bunch of dress ups in their shop and she just stood and stared. She was supposed to do a fashion show with some other girls to music and lights out on a runway. But sadly, she got embarrassed and wanted to take off what she had on after 5 mins. If this were at home though that would be a different story-or if I did it with her. 
Needless to say-she had a great time and it was fun spoiling such a sweet girl!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reagie Monster

I watched my friend's kids this last week for a few days.  After a long day I took them out front for a family night treat and thought it was a picture picture spot. These kids are so cute and a lot of fun to watch-such different personalities. But I couldn't get over Reagan's face and body movements that I had to post each one I got. She was so proud to sit with the big kids and have her own cookie. 

Hilarious and so adorable! Love her shy shoulders and cheesy smile!