Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Bash

Yes he is picking this is mike picking his nose 

Ryan and Mia have birthdays a day apart & Mike is a few days after-we decided to make a combined party. And since this year it was Mike's 30th we thought it only necessary we make extra special for him. He may have been a little embarrassed by it all but Ryan love any excuse to throw a party and get together with our friends!

Had to snap a quick pic of the two babies. Reagan & Liam-only 6 days apart. Liam is the sweetest baby as you can tell in this picture (mother's defense is Reagan was hungry). Can't wait to watch these 2 grow together. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Camryn & Reagan Comparison

One month old in the same outfit
 Reagan is definitely bigger with lighter and less hair, eyebrows and lashes. Not sure how similar they really are except that they are both hard newborns. But this past week I cut out diary products-it has helped for a little I think. Poor girl just is in pain and cries for at least 1-2 hours before she is out for the night. Good thing is I think these two girls are the cutest and love them so much!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family Comes to Meet Reagan

As I mentioned in my last post I told my mom to come a week after the baby was born since they always "wake up" and aren't as sleepy. Well I was right...Reagan has definitely gotten harder. And the transition from 1 to 2 is becoming more of a challenge everyday. The great thing is we had lots of visitors to ease the pain a bit. My mom & dad came together and then my mom was able to stay on her own several days after.
Camryn was sure spoiled with attention. My dad is the best at making up games and fun unique ways to play with his grandkids and Camryn was obsessed. It was so great having both my parents play so much with her to make her feel so special when I was unable. 
This was our first family outing with the babybjorn and I was able to walk more than a few steps. Even though it was cloudy-Salt Creek never disappoints and it was fun to show my parents around town since they hadn't seen much of it before.

We also finally succeeded in getting Camryn to hold Reagan (which involved a treat of course). Camryn loves her sister but is a little nervous when it comes to touching her, but it getting much better everyday.
We also got to have my brother Scott and his family in town for the weekend. They stayed with my sis Amy but we were able to do our pool/hot tub on Saturday for a BBQ and also dinner on Sunday night at the park. This is Camryn and her cuz Ryan in her car. She loved getting to ride with all her cousins and luckily they liked the car as much as she does.
Cute SIL Carrie & Reagan
Cousin Kyle 
And Seany
Labor Day was another cloudy/rainy day so we walked around Carrie's favorite beach below the Montage-Treasure Island. It was a lot of fun exploring beaches we had never seen. I love where we live.
Camryn and 3 of the 4 Motley boys. Some of the cutest boys I know and you can tell how much Camryn loves them too.
After everyone else had to go home we got to have my mom all to ourselves. She even got to see Camryn's first real dance class. It is so fun to see her dance. I am also glad to know I am not the only one that is obsessed with her little body in her ballet clothes.
Showing off her adorable apron that my mom made. On top of sewing projects, she also stocked up on everything at Costco, made meals for us, cleaned every nook & cranny, played with Camryn & helped out so much with the baby.  

 Her last night we took her to go see the Newport Temple and out to dinner as a small thank you for doing so much for us. I have one great mom who is such a giver. I was so sad to see her go and my other family, I just pray that though the honeymoon is over I will be able to make it through the next couple of weeks with a some ease.

Friday, September 9, 2011

1st Week Home

After much debate, I talked my mom into coming a week after the baby was born. I learned with Camryn that the 1st week with a newborn is easy compared to what lies ahead in the upcoming weeks. So after our stay in the hospital we were headed home as a family of 4 and doing it all on our own. 
All cozy and ready to go home from our 2 day stay at the hospital

1st of many sister pictures. And Camryn sharing Jasmine with Reagan-her least favorite Princess but at least it is sharing.

1st sponge bath-wasn't fond it but was very cute in her towel
Morning cuddles in my bed
1st "Real" outfit and I'm obsessed with this headband.

This 1st week I was so impressed with Reagan, such a good sleeper, eater and just the sweetest disposition. I was also impressed that even though I wasn't feeling great I was getting so much accomplished and felt like the transition from 1-2 was such a breeze. I remember with Camryn feeling so proud that I showered for the day or that I made the bed. But with the second you kinda just have to get up and face it all even if you don't want to. I am just hoping that this only continues...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Reagan's Debut!!!

After weeks of consistent contractions, a hospital visit to stop pre-term labor, being dilated to almost 4 and effaced 80%. I decided to be induced 2 days early from my due date.
Last picture with baby bump. Headed into the hospital at 7:00 am.
I was first given pitocin to start things off, then got an epidural before the pain started and had my water broken. Once they broke my water I went from a 4 to a 10 in less then 2 hours. Good thing the doctor stuck around. And after 10 minutes of pushing-baby girl was born!
Reagan Jane Smart 7.9 lbs. and 19.5 in
Bigger than we all guessed. I thought for sure she was smaller then Camryn who was 6.15 lbs. I now know why my back hurt so bad for so long.
Once we moved to recovery we had visitors
Camryn checking out her new sister. She wasn't so sure about her at first and even said, " You can put THAT baby back in there if you want." Referring to the bassinet. Things could only get better from there.
Family of 4-such a cute face, I am bummed it turned out so blurry!

Grandpa & Grandma of 3 girls now-little different than their 4 boys they raised.

Proud daddy-so much better the second time around!
The second day in the hospital I was spoiled. Lots of sleep and help from the nursery, yogurtland and friends. Doesn't get much better than that-in a hospital that is.
Marsha, Brittany, Ashly, Kristy & Moranda. It was so nice to have visitors. I didn't have this experience with Camryn. The hospital was a nightmare and so we left within 24 hours. This time around the food was good, the room & nurses were so nice and best of all it was amazing quiet time for me and Reagan. We are one happy family of 4! Now I guess it is time we change our blog. Good bye 3 Smarts and a Dog!