Monday, July 30, 2012

Other Randoms

While in California I was able to get all my dental work done (well aside from 1 wisdom tooth I am too scared to have pulled). My BIL just bought a practice there and so we were both able to get hooked up. I am so glad I waited so long to have my work by someone I know, love and trust. This will be a summer tradition for me and my girls. Camryn had her teeth cleaned too, and still no cavities-she loved going to her Uncle the dentist
 This trip I slept with Camryn most nights because we had a full house of kids. I would go in to snuggle in with her and find the funniest positions. 
 This one is my favorite. Pure sass. Even in her sleep.
 Reagan has a love for the freezer and the fridge. Anytime it is open she is right there. She happened to find this popsicle and grabbed and started sucking on the plastic cover. So I decided I'd be a nice mom and let her have at it. So I stripped her down. She didn't seem that interested after a while and so I took it away and licked a drip on my finger and thought-man that is fermented grape juice-almost like Sangria. Just then my mom walked in to tell me it was WINE! Hilarious. Apparently, my brother had bought it to cook with last year and my mom didn't want him to throw it away since it was so expensive that he suggested freezing it. Little did either of them think that putting it in an enticing popsicle form would attract babies. Camryn had been so mad I didn't let her have one. My mom was SO embarrassed. But I just thought it was so funny. Something to always remember.  
 This is a good picture of her snaggle tooth too. Only the left tooth came in for a few weeks.
 Amy and I both loved this dress and bought it for our girls. So we just a photo shoot. This was the best we got. 
 Because this is more typical.
Since Reagan matched to we through her in the mix. And she was beside herself! So mad.


Brenda said...

Love everyone of these pictures!

Karen M. said...

I can't believe you shared that story! I am mordified!

Carrie said...

That wine popsicle story is the best! Super duper funny! Sooo glad you shared...and totally innocent. That'll be a family legend!