Wednesday, April 25, 2012

8 Months

I seriously can't believe this little sweet cheeks is 8 months old! I don't know why but it just seems like that these next few months are going to go by so fast and then she will be a year old. So weird. She is still the sweetest and super go with the flow. However, she is very determined and wants anything within reach and if it isn't she will find a way to get to it. She still is scooting and not crawling but is trying to pull herself up. She only has her bottom teeth still but eats meat, cheese and picks everything up like she is much older. She adores her sister, Nugget and being outside. She makes our family complete. We sure are lucky to have her. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brief Moments

I would love to say that my two girls get along like best friends all the time. But in fact it is the opposite. Reagan loves her big sister more than most things, but Camryn's love towards her let's call it inconsistent. So when Camryn is great with Reagan it is a big todo. And almost always has to be captured by camera otherwise we forget that they happen.
They love to take baths together. Camryn can make Reagan laugh harder than anyone else and Camryn loves to wash Reagan. It is so fun for them now that Reagan can sit up in the bath without falling over. Now if I could only prevent her from trying to crawl so we could prevent drowning a little more I'd really be happy. One thing at a time.
Camryn throws a fit every time we go to the grocery store and Reagan gets to sit in the small part of the cart. Well Home Depot was genius yet again and this solved the problem. 
 Ryan and I mentioned that we sometimes forget that they are sisters because they are usually always separate. But then I see this and I get excited for the future. 
This was also just a random time but Camryn simply asked for me to take a picture of her holding Reagan. Simple but a big deal for us. Here is to hoping everyday they will get closer and closer and we will be seeing more of them together.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glimpse of What is to Come

While working the yard on Saturday I mentioned to Camryn that in the summer time when we turn the hose sprinkler on we could run through it. Next thing I knew she ran and got her swimsuit. Completely out of character for her to want to "be a kid" and not worry about the cold water. I said she could do it not even thinking she would do it. She had so much fun and I loved the pictures I captured. 
Can wait for more days to come like this!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had an actual Easter Bunny in our backyard. Camryn was so excited.
She went to her new primary class and got spoiled by her new teacher with a bag of goodies. Nothing makes her happier. Then we cam home from church and the Easter Bunny left baskets with fun things for the girls. 
I am obsessed with this picture of Ryan and Camryn. So good. If you know Camryn, you know how hard it is to capture her cute smile on camera. 
Then it was time for the hunt. The Easter Bunny had a hay-day in our new backyard and so did Camryn, she loved it and got every last one.

I loved my matching girls. So fun to have two girls for times like these.

Cutest, sweetest baby face

 After I burned the bread, ruined the carrot cake and almost had a house fire we ended up with these easy Easter treats and stuffed flank steak. We were lucky everything was fine and so grateful to have our friends the McGrath over who were here looking for a house.
Happy Easter!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Settling In

This is just a random post of what went on the week before Easter. 
Tried sponge rollers in Camryn's hair. Best picture I could get but it turned out so cute and were only in for a few hours.
We did an Easter craft everyday to get ready for the big day. And yes, she is going through a naked/jamies phase-so she looks a little white trash, guess this is normal?
FHE-we learned about what the different color jelly beans stand for. All after the really meaning of Easter.
Then made a bracelet-obsessed but did save it for a whole day before eating it.

This little one is getting good at moving but not so much with her sense of direction.
Day 2 craft

Day 3-Felt Easter egg that she could keep playing with and changing the pattern.

Day 4
Day 5-her all time favorite. She did this almost all on her own. And she knew exactly what to do since she watches cake making tutorials daily on you tube. It turned out so cute and she was so proud.
And Reagan was so proud that she could pick food up with her hands that now this is the only way she wants to eat. Isn't this what 1 year olds do? Not 7 month olds.
Day 6-kids love doing this and they look so cute but the hard boiled eggs never turn out and get so messy when they are hidden outside-so they end up in the trash. 
Another project we did this week. This organizer makes me so happy. Now all her small toys have their own space. Let's just hope it stays like this.
And a project for me! So happy with the way they turned out. I just need a little more color in the kitchen and didn't want to have to paint all the barstools. I love a project that is $5 and an hour to do.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Visitors!

I was so happy that our friends Scott and Kirby and their cute little boy Beckett could come out to visit! They live in Charlotte and will be moving to SF in a few weeks so are timing had to work out. And we are so glad it did. It was awesome taking a break from settling in and doing projects to get out and explore. 
Old Town Roswell has the coolest shops, restaurants  and atmosphere. Here we ate that the Fickle Pickle-most unique sandwiches and so so good! Fried Green Tomato sandwich and fried pickles. Doesn't get more Southern than that.
Oli + Ve was this olive oil tasting store. So fun to try a million different yummy flavors and vinegars.
Trying Raspberry balsamic vinegar on ice cream...who knew?
Next we drove down to Piedmont Park-which is like the Central Park of Atlanta. We saw just a sliver of it which was real nice-we'll have to find out the best spots to go though. 
Reagan being crushed
Getting back at him and being the aggressor. So funny to watch them interact on their own.
Would be totally fine if she went after this older man. Beckett is so sweet and so cute!
The boys testing our new 3D TV. Big day for us the have tv let alone 3D!!! We tried to get conference in 3D, but had to resort to just HD.

This same weekend Reagan figured out how to scoot. Look that that body! I need to post the video.
The Boys
The Girls-Camryn loved Kirby, but by the end of the weekend I don't know if Kirby loved Camryn. If treat her like an adult she is putty in your hands.  We had such a good time with these guys! Cant wait until they move back so we can visit them in 6 months!
One last pic of this one, is she not the sweetest?