Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

Started out rather stressful. We both had to speak and teach at church. So it was a frantic morning getting fed (egg sandwiches for Ryan's day), presents to give and out the door to be ready to speak by 9:00. We made it and everything went great. 

By Elders Quorum Reagan was out. Ryan had to take a picture because she never falls asleep on us and then the fact that she is just laid out on his laid. Our friend's little girl, Maya had brought this baby doll and I guess it was the magic touch to get her to sleep. 
Feeling more relaxed and time for a picture with his girls. Such a good picture of all of them!
Ryan's request-Stuffed Flank Steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus and Asaigo bread. For dessert we had Whoopies Pies-his dessert of choice as of late. 
I had made an intsagram book for him since he started taking pictures over a year ago. I loved putting it together and it will be fun to look back these in a book. Father's Day is such a great time to reflect on the father's in our lives. I sure lucked out with some pretty amazing dads. I loved getting to celebrate them. A big I love you to all the amazing men in my life.

Monday, June 18, 2012

This Week

I already posted on one adventure we took this week but here are some other pictures of things we did this past week.
We got a screw in one of our tires (happens more often than it should to us) and had to wait for it to come in. So we found a pet store next door and this little puppy kept us all entertained until it was done.  Camryn wanted to buy him of course but another puppy is not in our future. So cute though, loved his Pug-Beagle mix.
 On Thursday Camryn insisted on cleaning "the wood" with a toothbrush. Kept her occupied for a good 45 minutes. I would have given up after 5 minutes. She said that she needed to make the wood look "more groovy and festive." I know I have never said the word groovy. She has a love of cleaning and I am so grateful.
  Reagan this week aside from saying all-done, learned how to play peek-a-boo on her own. She probably did this at least 30 times before I was tired and had to move on to something else. 
 And her top left tooth broke through-you can kinda see it in this picture. I noticed because she was grinding her teeth. Not because I could see it. Not good. 
On Saturday we finally got around to cleaning our garage. That is I think always the last place to make you feel settled. We were able to use our attic and I love that thing! Out of the way completely. Reagan was happy in her car and Camryn loved finding "treasures" as we went through our last few boxes. The garage and I are very happy. 
After garage duty we headed to Lake Allatoona. Ryan hadn't been and we both wanted some sun. More crowded than mid week but still a lot of fun. 
 Cheesey smile shows it all.
Love this Father/Daughter moment. 
And I loved this after swim cuddle. Reagan is such a busy body that cuddling is so cherished. Times like these I really feel like a family of 4 and I like it. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Riverside Park

Driving a couple weeks ago I saw this park with a splash park, couple playgrounds and a riverwalk, so we decided to check it out. We got ready to play in the water but when we got there it wan't quite warm enough to make it worth the $2. I know I am cheap, give me a break. Actually it was just a good excuse to tell Camryn. So instead we had a picnic, ran around and walk along the Chattahoochee River.
I have always tried to capture her cheesey smile. Well now when you go to take her picture she gives this smile more often than not. Crinkle in her nose and all. This little squirt said her first word this week! She says "all done"-more like first 2 words, weirdo jumped right to combining two together. She says momma, dadda but she doesn't say them for us yet. But all done-she says all the time and it is so cute!
 Camryn taking pictures-she loves doing this now. It is funny seeing myself and not behind the camera when I am just with my kids.
 My poser-everytime the camera clicks she strikes another pose. Such a super model got that figured out already!
 Beautiful bridge to the river

 It really is so pretty here.
 Blackberry bushes all along the way-we picked a few to snack on. Having them like this makes them taste so good. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have been a boring photographer lately. Sorry. It is just so easy to talk pictures on our phones these days that I hate lugging around my big camera. So here is our weekend in pictures. 
 Ryan got to take a half day with the girls on Friday and instead of buying cupcakes they made cupcakes. Cupcakes from scratch. After he made them a friend suggested broiling them for a few minutes and that made all the different. Sort of a S'mores cupcake that melted in your mouth. I am loving all this cooking Ryan has been doing. 
Saturday morning Ryan took Camryn to the Atlanta Soapbox races at Piedmont Park. Knowing it would be hard with kids I stayed home with Reagan then went to the park later on. I loved my quiet one on one time with her. Definitely has a piece of my heart. 
They have this public pool in the middle of the park with a beautiful view of the city and lake for only $4 and $1 for the kids. It has beach entry, a splash pad, lazy river and a toilet bowl type current in that circle above. 
 The girls were in total heaven. Camryn has gotten so good at swimming with her floaties and wants to swim all the time. Now we just need swim lessons. And Reagan full on kicks her legs like a frog anytime she is in the water. She doesn't want to play in the shallow water, she wants to be full on swimming. 
 After a long day we tuckered them out. This is my favorite smile of Reagan's. And Camryn was out the second we started walking back to the car. Dead hands and all just like mine-according to Ryan.
 Since Camryn had a good long nap she was finally able to stay awake long enough to catch some fireflies. We all had so much fun doing this. This is my first experience with them. They are just gross little beetle looking bugs but lighting up in the sky is pretty cool. 
 Can't take a normal picture to save her life. In a jar they went and by her bed they stayed until she fell asleep and I let them go. 
 Sunday night we put Camryn to bed and then she comes running out saying she wants to "read" her scriptures before she falls asleep. Maybe kids do have the light of Christ in them as we say they do after all.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Camryn is BACK

On a rainy day this week I took the girls to the library for story time and then a group from the ward was going to Catch Air. Which is an indoor explosion of kid stuff. Heaven on earth for most kids. I have never been real fond of these places because I pay to get in and then Camryn sits on my lap the entire time and "watches the kids." So when we got there I talked to the employees about how she might not play and they said I would get my money back if she didn't like it. Well boy did I eat my words. She was obsessed. I couldn't believe it. Made not only her day but mine. I have never been able to just sit back and watch as she goes off to play. 
Right when we got there they had a what we call a " dance party." Camryn was in her element and Reagan loved the glowing floor and danced right along with the big kids. 
This was a fair swing type merry go round. And she loved it. I had to help her on but then she would hold on tight and drop when she was done.
Reagan got to do this little baby merry go round. She was so proud of herself. At one point she crawled to that middle section, pulled herself up and just stood there and waved and everyone.
Another fun spinning inflatable. Didn't know how they were supposed to ride on it but this way they both could do it together and not fall off. I love when I picture these two when they are older. This was one of those moments for me.
This was this room with huge bouncy balls and Reagan just scooted on in with all sorts of kids running and throwing balls everywhere. She didn't care one bit. She came right to the wall to wave and show how proud again she was. This girl is so opposite of Camryn. She loves all these kids around even though they may trample her in a second. 
I most of could not believe that Camryn wanted to go in a bounce house. She has HATED these things until now. But she just climbed right in and jumped with other kids around. There was a rope and ladder on the other side of the slide. She would climb up and slide down over and over. To most parents this is normal because kids do this but I just could believe how brave she was. It is about time she grew out of her phase. Plus this slide was so fun cause it was fast. We were all worn out by the end of two hours. Needless to say, we will be back here when it is too hot or raining outside. 
Having fun with my girls before bed one night as a single mom. Ryan was in Florida for work for a few days. Love these girls more than anything!
Another sign that Reagan is different than Camryn. I was organizing this cupboard and Reagan thought it was a perfect spot for her. 
And to pull herself up. I tell you she does this everywhere. Sorry for the bad phone pics on all these.
Had to put the gate up this week because she now goes all the way to the top. Not like her usual 2 or 3 stairs. She even took a small spill down the stairs this week poor thing. But looks to me like this gate isn't going to work much longer. She is finding a place to sneak through. 
Camryn's boyfriend, Mauricio. I had to be home all day with painters and guys spraying our major ant problem so I asked Camryn to ask a friend to come over and play. Figuring it was going to be a girl in her Sunbeam class, she said Mauricio. I asked again, like maybe one of the girls or someone else? I teach Sunbeams and I love Mauricio but I haven't ever talked to his parents or had much other contact with him. She would not let it go, it was so cute. "No, I only like boys and I want Mauricio to come over, he is so cute and I like him." So I called his mom and he was so excited to come play. She really does just love him and they played great together. She took him for a ride-literally and figuratively. 
This was just after she kissed him and crashed into the curb because she was so distracted. And of course she was the driver, he tried but was way too nervous, it was cute. Camryn is way too of a good driver-takes after her momma and Grandma Brenda.
And of course we had to decorate cupcakes together and then made some for his brothers to take home.  I just love that Camryn feels that she has friends now and is having fun at our house. 
And within minutes of Mauricio leaving. It was back to the Camryn I know. Naked. And make-up on. Can't get over this face. Total mix between the Black Swan, Joker (Heath Ledger), and a scary clown. Nothing wrong with a little over lining, right? I can't wait to have this picture in her wedding video. Never a dull moment in our house. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekly Happenings

We have been getting clothes on this girl a little more lately. And every time she picks an outfit she thinks it is the cutest thing and so she needs her picture taken.
Still loves this purse that Owen and Emma got for her. She needed it as her accessory. 
 While I was getting ready she came running in one morning with this get up! I about peed my pants. She is a ballerina-can't tell? So weird.
 She's got the girl head tilt pose down. She was so proud of the felt wand we made for our Craft Monday.
Wednesday we checked out Lake Allatoona. I was in heaven. The water isn't salty, it is warm and clear, no waves and my girls like to play and swim in it. We will be back here often. And yes Reagan is waving at the camera. Waves at me when she is proud of herself and at everyone in sight. 
Thursday is cleaning day and I let her have at the potties. She thinks it is the best thing in the world to clean. I have never let her get down and dirty then I thought we not. You would have thought it was her birthday she was so excited. She asks almost everyday to clean the potties. 
Next up was the car. It wasn't too hot and now that we have a hose and a driveway we can wash our cars! Camryn thought that was so novel. Since all she can remember is taking our car to be washed. She helped do the inside and out. Love how much she likes to clean. Only hope it continues through her teens.
Another proud moment.
We ended up with a screw in our tire and so while we waited for it to be changed we ate lunch and at a local deli and Camryn was entertained the whole time. Such a narcissus.
Before meeting up with Ryan for dinner on Friday night we stopped by the pet store. Camryn and Reagan literally watched the dog get "haircuts" for easily 15 minutes. Love these two girls together.
 Then it was on to the Food Truck Park. This place was so fun. Just an area of yummy food and a great ambience. And we met up with Greg, Michelle and Maya. We are so lucky to have them here. Too bad we never get a picture together!
We tried the BBQ-always good, Yumbi-which was an Asian/Mexican truck. 
 For dessert Camryn had King of Pop gourmet popsicles-peaches and cream of course and Ryan had Yum Yum Cupcakes-Chocolate Brownie with Dulce de Leche Frosting. His favorite out here so far-my least favorite. Everyone likes something different. Another fun adventure. I really love how there is so many things to do and explore here. Trying to take advantage of that and make the most of our time here.