Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confessions of 1st time Dad

Many people ask me the question, rhetorical in their minds I'm sure, "Can you even remember what it was like before your kid(s)?" My answer is, "Yes, all the time." This usually takes them by surprise and they give me an uncomfortable smile; I just stare at them until they feel so uncomfortable they give an awkward laugh and walk away. The truth is, there aren't many things better than being a parent, but who can forget the quiet before kids? Who can forget what it was like to hop in the car without having to pack up a weeks worth of diapers and baby clothes just to go run some errands? Who can forget what it was like to eat a meal without your child (mine sounds like a bird) yelling in your ear because they want your food as well as theirs and everything else that's in their grasp. The answer is, yes I remember what it was like before kids.

Here are some other observations I have made in my short time as a Father:

1. Cheeze-Its or other cheddary crackers can and will grow from your car seats. It doesn't matter if you buy them or not--you will find them. Then you know you're a Dad when you kind of get excited that you find a whole one when you're cleaning out the car. Tasty little snacks they are.

2. Why do we smell our kids butts to make sure they pooped? Last time I checked, I didn't poop my pants, so the smell must be the kid. Save yourself one dry heave and just change it without the butt sniff.

3. Camryn loves the song The Wheels on the Bus. When she decides to scream in the car, which is often these days, I find that the only thing that calms her is this song. Since the drives are often long, there are now so many more things on the bus than just the driver, kids and wipers. On my bus there are now elephants, cows, pigs, ducks, mom, dad, grandma, spoons, food, etc. The 102nd verse is usually goes like this (to the tune of course), "How many verses can I sing, can I sing, can I sing? How many verses can I sing? All through the town (I keep the last line consistent, no need to confuse the children) The 110th verse is, "Daddy's going to shoot himself in the face, in the face, in the face, Daddy's going to shoot himself in the face....All through the town. I hate that song.

4. Kids love books, and I used to love to read them, but my patience is wearing thin. I have now memorized every book she has, and I want them all to get damaged in an "accidental" fire. I also get stressed out when she wants to turn the pages faster than I can read. I've had to learn to just let her, and let her throw the book and go get 10 more.

Those are my observations thus far. There will be more I'm sure. There will probably be a whole chapter on Church, but it might be blasphemous, so I'll skip that for now.

I also aspire to be like Phil from Modern Family. He is my hero and the Dad I hope to become. I love this man.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Vacation in Park City

With no set plans on the horizon we decided to head to Park City! When we usually go to Utah we end up completely over scheduling ourselves and end up in the car more than the couch...not mush of a vacation. We decided to switch things up a bit this go around.
(No idea why this is underlined...I tried everything)

We baked these delicious gems! We actually cooked almost every meal except we had to have Cafe Rio! I could literally drink that dressing. So good. Oh yeah...and J Dawgs and El Chcubasco. Ok maybe we didn't do that well.
Camryn had her very first bubble bath. Don't know why we never thought of it before, she loved every minute of it.
We got geared up to go outside and play in the snow.
She wasn't having it at first but then once she saw us play in it she loved it. Even kept her gloves and hood on. That never happens.

She actually did not like sledding. She loved watching Ryan and I almost die going do steep hills, but as soon as she got on she would scream. I can't believe it looks like she is having fun. Such a poser.
Stuck in the powder
This was Nugget's spot the entire week. Can you say Chihuahua?
This was the only real driving we did and it was to Granny's! Can you tell where our priorities were?
Actually my priorities because I hadn't ever been there. Delicious.

Although, we didn't venture beyond Heber, we were lucky enough to have a bunch of friends and Ryan's brother Greg up. We had a great visit from Nicole Tandy and her cute daughter Brielle (who is 10 days older than Camryn), Mike Cunningham and his awesome group of girls, Lauren and Mike Foulger, Shaun and Annette Steele, Lezlie Wagner, and my BIL Greg and his GF. I would say it was a perfect vacay.
On the way home we stopped at my brother Chris and SIL Lindsay's house in Vegas. We were able to hang out with them, go to the World Shoe and Accessory Convention (more on my other blog), eat at Cafe Rio again and watch our niece Georgia and nephew Hudson. Such cute kids. Here is Georgia doing what she does best. Smiling and being cute.
The cousins. Hudson and Camryn get along so well it is so cute. He is only 5 months older than Camryn so it is so fun to see all that Camryn will soon be doing. Let's hope they will always stay little buddies.