Friday, April 29, 2011

Babymoon #2 Punta Cana-Dominican Republic

Leaving from LAX at midnight-should have seen what we looked liked when we finally arrived-not like this that is for sure.
1st day on the beach-notice how white we are and no sunburns
Our lunch almost everyday(everything else was awful!!!). Club sandwiches and pina coladas that just kept coming!
Our beach
Our hotel
Just looking at the palm trees relaxes me.
Snorkeling cruise-very fun although it was somewhat of a booze cruise and explaining to everyone you don't drink takes a lot time and effort. I had an excuse but they couldn't figure out why Ryan wouldn't drink. It wasn't really the time for the Work of Wisdom talk...
Just pay attention to the stingray and not my odd tanline...
Ryan would like to point out that these were taken on the iphone in his waterproof box. He was very proud that he could take it underwater. However we both pooped a little when he first tested it out.

Trying to be photographers

The fish Ryan would like you to believe he caught if I would not have been pregnant and we could have survived the crazy boat rides.
Love birds
The hotel was new and pretty minimal so though our room was larger than our town house it was pretty minimalistic-but we liked it.
Last day-had we known what the flight home would have consisted of I would have been crying here.
Tan face
All in all it was an amazing time. If we were to do it again we would probably do a Caribbean cruise so we could see a lot of islands and have a little better food, but with 84 degree weather, a constant breeze and turquoise water there really isn't much to complain about. And a HUGE thanks to my mom & dad and my sister Amy & Mike for watching Camryn! We couldn't have been more comfortable leaving for such a long time! We'll refer to this post in a few months when the baby comes and relish the time we had doing nothing but sleeping and sipping pina coladas.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pre-Easter Celebration

With Ryan and I's vacation over Easter weekend we decided to celebrate a little bit early (Palm Sunday). While I was gone doing a photo shoot for Twigg with my very talented friend Alia (more on that later), Ryan headed to the park for the Ladera Ranch Spring Celebration aka Easter Activity.
Ryan told her that she could get her face painted and she wouldn't stop talking about it. She got to pick what she wanted from a book and what do you know, she picked Hello Kitty. Such a girl. Ryan then told her she was to sit very still and couldn't touch her face and her reply was, "Ok, I'll put my hands behind my back like this." No idea where she got that idea but it was perfect and she sat still and loved every minute of it!
This is her trying to show us her new piece of art and maintain eye contact-she still said, "Cheese".
Then Grandma Brenda came up for the rest of the day to celebrate with us. Just relaxing playing on Grandma's iphone on our new patio set (more on that later).
Then after hearing about coloring eggs all day from Camryn, we finally made her dreams a reality. Holidays are so much more fun with kids. It was like this was the coolest thing she had ever seen!

And of course the pink and blue ones were her favorite!
Then after dinner at The Habit we walked around shops and had cupcakes. Camryn picked this one out since it was pink and had sprinkles. She would have stuffed the whole thing in her mouth if we let her. This girl won't eat much, but she can pound her sweets. Like father like daughter!
Sunday the Easter Bunny came early and hid eggs for her to find. She just kept saying, "Why the Easter Bunny hiding eggs from me? Don't hide eggs from me Easter Bunny!"
She loved it and could have done this all day long. Note:this is the same Easter dress she wore last year-still so cute, so why not!
More surprises inside from the Easter Bunny-spoiled girl!
Don't know if it is because I am missing her already but I think this age is so fun and is definitely my favorite so far! Love this girl.
And my handsome hubs. Doesn't get better than this-such a fun warm spring weekend! Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love Hate

Ever since Camryn was little she has LOVED horses. Always talking about them, playing with horse toys the whole bit. But much like most things with her- you take her to actually see them or ride one and she freaks out! You would think that by age 2 1/2 she would be over this. Well we tried again and, nope! However, she loves to watch their every move from a distance.
She can't take her eyes off them and asks all kinds of questions about what they are doing at all times.
But as soon as we get close to one, game over. We will continue to try because she loves them so much at least she thinks she does. She will say to herself "I not be scared of horses-horses are nice!" But then she forgets real fast and screams-"don't bite me horse!" I am just glad we found a place close to us in San Juan to take her to see the horses and ponies anytime she wants even if she really does hate them!