Monday, July 30, 2012

Other Randoms

While in California I was able to get all my dental work done (well aside from 1 wisdom tooth I am too scared to have pulled). My BIL just bought a practice there and so we were both able to get hooked up. I am so glad I waited so long to have my work by someone I know, love and trust. This will be a summer tradition for me and my girls. Camryn had her teeth cleaned too, and still no cavities-she loved going to her Uncle the dentist
 This trip I slept with Camryn most nights because we had a full house of kids. I would go in to snuggle in with her and find the funniest positions. 
 This one is my favorite. Pure sass. Even in her sleep.
 Reagan has a love for the freezer and the fridge. Anytime it is open she is right there. She happened to find this popsicle and grabbed and started sucking on the plastic cover. So I decided I'd be a nice mom and let her have at it. So I stripped her down. She didn't seem that interested after a while and so I took it away and licked a drip on my finger and thought-man that is fermented grape juice-almost like Sangria. Just then my mom walked in to tell me it was WINE! Hilarious. Apparently, my brother had bought it to cook with last year and my mom didn't want him to throw it away since it was so expensive that he suggested freezing it. Little did either of them think that putting it in an enticing popsicle form would attract babies. Camryn had been so mad I didn't let her have one. My mom was SO embarrassed. But I just thought it was so funny. Something to always remember.  
 This is a good picture of her snaggle tooth too. Only the left tooth came in for a few weeks.
 Amy and I both loved this dress and bought it for our girls. So we just a photo shoot. This was the best we got. 
 Because this is more typical.
Since Reagan matched to we through her in the mix. And she was beside herself! So mad.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Squaw Valley-Lake Tahoe

My last Saturday in my hometown we headed towards the mountains. We went to Squaw Valley for some hiking-well whatever the definition is when kids are involved. More like exploring. 
This was Reagan's first time in a backpack and she loved it. Never heard a peep from her. This is the tram ride up to the top of the mountain. Such beautiful views. 

Camryn on the tram-loving it-not even kind of scared, good thing too because I was.
Love how this picture turned out with Lake Tahoe in the distance. And Camryn with her Grandma.
I got to sneak in with Reagan but not as good of a picture. 
My dad's photo shot-each of us on our own log. And apparently crazy means tongues.
The beautiful frienemy cousin buddies. They are the best and worst to each other.
This face and hair. Enough said. 
Love my little blondie-eventhough it kind of looks red here.
These two are so cute together. Camryn adores Owen.
After Squaw Valley we let the kids play in the Truckee River. This ending up being so fun. I have decided less is more when it comes to entertaining kids.
Rock climbing-the girls thought they were pretty cool.

Tired babies on the way home-Camryn took this one. So sweet of Reagan's in between blue and brown eyes. I love getting to explore the mountains. Glad we made this trip.

Monday, July 23, 2012

4th of July

This has become one of my favorite holidays. I love the colors, and love getting time together with my family. Sadly we were away from Ryan but we had a great time with lots of my family. First up was the Pancake Breakfast and parade at one of my old church buildings. 
Made sure I got a picture of my girls before their outfits were dirty and they were over it completely.
Camryn wanted to take a picture of us next-she does a pretty good job actually. 
My beautiful mom 

Then the parade-these two were pros at riding around. 
Sadly Camryn had no clue how to ride a bike so she tried the scooter-fail. But then she ended up ditching the whole thing and just ran. After this I am determined to have her practice more. 
Then we swam and the kids decorated cupcakes. One of Camryn's all time favorite things. She couldn't keep the knife out of her mouth-good thing they were just for the kids. 
Next we headed to my Grandma Marilyn's house. She rented this huge water bounce house slide and slip and slide. Camryn had a rough start but then let me go down with her a couple times. And then of course Reagan was in heaven. She loved going down the slide with me and then backward. Then she couldn't get enough of the slip and slide and thought it was hilarious. So much personality in a little tiny body. 
After a delicious BBQ and so much food, the kids made the old fashion ice cream in a bag. 

She loved this and it tasted so good. We need to do it again soon.
Is Emma not a beauty? Those features are too die for and her body is something to mention too. She has got to be a star athlete with those legs. Love my cute niece. 
Any question where she gets her good looks?
We set up to watch our own fireworks and the big fireworks out front. Reagan was in heaven crawling from spot to spot with so much attention from her cousins. 
What it is like to be a kid-those were the days!
The amount of fireworks everyone had was insane. We easily watched these for an hour. 
Mesmerized the whole time. Holidays are so much better with kids!
Watching the final show with my girls. Love the moments I get to cuddle since it rarely happens. And then Reagan fell asleep just before the best finale I have ever seen. Such a fun day to celebrate our country. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Fun in GB

Most of our days involved this. I forgot how wonderful it is to have your own pool when it is so hot outside. If we weren't out there all day we would go back and forth from inside to outside all day long. 
 Cousin Buddies and Fremenies. They are the best and the worst together. But they are cute so we still love them!
Me with my baby. Reagan is a total water baby, way more adventurous than Camryn ever was.
 Amy with her baby. Love this picture of them.
 The day after we went to the bug museum, we had a butterfly of our own fly into the backyard. One of his wings was broken so he let us pick him up without flying away. The kids were in heaven.

 Both mine and Camryn's happy place.
 Look at this blondie. I mean, come on?

 Own has turned into a full on fish and is such a good swimmer. And now he discovered how fun it is to be tossed off the waterfall. Sure wish Mike could do that to me.

 Picnic at the Sacramento Temple. I love all these cousin pictures and especially that Ryan is old enough to hold Reagan. Who else gets a kick out of Kyle's faces?
After we checked out the new Children's Museum. This place was awesome for these girls ages. What would a kid love more than getting to paint on a glass wall. Genius. I will definitely go back there again. But then again maybe everything is more fun with your cousins around.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reagan 10 Months

While at my parent's this little one turned 10 months-June 24th. Can't believe she is 2 months away from being 1! Too fast this has gone by. Reagie does not lack personality. Right now she doesn't stop moving and when she is on cement this is how she gets around-the gorilla walk. 
 She also doesn't stop moving her mouth. Whether it is babbling, clicking her tongue or making lalala over and over. I am worried. I thought Camryn talked a lot but this might be topped. Could be a loud house I lead. 

 Look at these faces-never a dull moment. However, she is still as sweet as can be and LOVES her cousins and any kids for that matter and kisses on the mouth. She has all of our hearts and good thing too because she has a stubborn side and wants what she wants and will find a way to get it.
We all love her more everyday and she is a joy to be around.