Tuesday, May 18, 2010

West Coast Tour

Recently we've had a lot of time to spend together...maybe too much actually. We decided to go visit Grandpa and Grandma Motley in Granite Bay, then we took this show on the road and drove to Portland to visit our new niece Cassidy Tate Smart. The trips were amazing, the drives were....really really long. We first drove to Granite Bay and stayed for 6 days (had some shoes parties), with a quick/amazing trip to SF, and then drove to Portland for 4 days, then back to Granite Bay for 3 days and then headed home. Before we get to picture overload we'd like to thank a few people...and things.

1. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Motley for being amazing parents/grandparents/hosts/cruise directors/chefs/chauffeurs
2. Thank you Erika and Jensen for our awesome night out in SF and for saving spots in line for Ironman as well as our delicious Crepes in Japan Town. I wish we had a picture of our time together.
3. Thank you Coalinga gas station that now has a Baja Fresh and the best candy selection you can imagine. This allowed us to not stop in Kettleman City...I have a nick name for this place that rhymes with City...but it's not so appropriate.
4. Thank you Cody and Whitney for being tour guides of your beautiful city (it really is an amazing place)
5. Thank you Rip City for being an awesome sandwich that almost rivaled Board and Brew...it didn't, but it was note worthy
6. Thank you Trolli for inventing delicious gummy worms that kept my daughter silent for much of the drive when we wanted to murder ourselves.
7. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Smart for allowing us to borrow your Tahoe and tow Twigg all over the place.
8. Thank you Marilyn for letting us borrow a camera to record this trip since ours broke

There are many more things/people to thank, but there are so many pictures that we must get to it. This is mainly for grandparents who can't get enough of their grandkids. Enjoy...or don't:

Crepes with Erika and Jensen
Cute girls
Amazing trip to SF and a night at the famous St. Franics courtesy of Grandpa and Grandma Motley

Hiking the redwoods
Camryn looks so old in her cute trench coat courtesy of Grandma Smart

Quick drive across the river to Vancouver to visit Great Grandma Jean
Mother's Day surprise-Massage and Pedicure...here are the results
Cute new hair attempt to tame Camryn's crazy mane
Look at these eyes

Whitney's superior fire building skills. We roasted some delicious Brawts
Cody and Ryan argued over who was more unphotogenic...Cody won...by a lot ;)

The cousins don't love each other yet, but they will one day
Trying out our photography skills at the Portland Temple...pretty easy when you have a cute model
Helping G & G garden in jamies
Note Cam's new jelly's that she has to wear all the time. Thanks Grandma Motley
Pool time with Cousins (Ryan just finished a baseball game)
Cousins enjoying a famous Grandpa Treat which consists of anything in the pantry that has sugar.
GREAT TRIP!!! Thanks for all the memories

Monday, May 3, 2010

Preview of Our Hot Summer Days

Can't wait for many more days just like this one!