Monday, August 20, 2012

Budding New Friendship

With Reagan a week away from one, she is really turning into a toddler. And Camryn is starting to love this new friendship or role of a sister buddy. 
Reagan was thrilled to finally get a ride. Even though her face looks scary-it is her cheesy crazy monster face that means excited. Hilarious. 
Love Camryn's legit smile. 
And of course we tell her to sit down but she loves to live on the edge. 
Otter Pop break. 
 They both love sitting next to each other and won't move for quite some time. 

I gave Reagan a unopened one and she will figure out anyway to get it opened. So the dress was off and a towel down and let her have at it. 
And walking practice up a slanted driveway. She is getting good. 
The girls took turns getting pushed down the driveway-so fun. Again Reagan is scared of nothing. I wish i could do this as an adult. 


Brenda said...

I was laughing out loud watching her take off down the driveway. No way would Camryn do anything so reckless. I love the differences in their personality. Love the hopscotch picture. I love all the pictures. These posts mean so much to me. Thank you!

Karen M. said...

I say "ditto"! We love the pictures and the videos are the best. Thanks for keeping everything current for those of us who are missing you all.