Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend-Friends, Family, Fun and Fetus

First off this adorable child is not ours...however we kind of wish it was. Hudson Robert Motley is quite possibly one of the cutest beings to ever exist. They said he was getting "big" because at birth he weighed 5 lbs 9 oz, and now he weighs 8 lbs (which is a lie, I think he's really 3 lbs). It was great to see what natural (and attractive) parents they were. He's a perfect addition to the family.
This was also great practice for us and made us extremely excited for our little one.

Here are the happy parents...and the not so happy baby, which is unusual because he is one of the most content babies we've ever seen

The weather was NOT traditional Memorial Day weather, it was more like winter in Vegas. Since we couldn't be outdoors we decided to stay under the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay! These next pics are us enjoying the deep sea creatures with the Watson's and Motley's. Seeing sharks is always fun, but seeing sharks with 3 boys is the BEST! Technically 3.2 boys (Hudson being .2).
You may be wondering, "Well I see family, and fun, but what about the friends and fetus?" Well, we had a GREAT time staying with our good friends Cody and Nikki Treese; we ate delicious MSG and Beef'd had to be there. Unfortunately we did not document any of our time there...some things are too great for words...or pics.

Our fetus is also doing really well and moving like crazy--hopefully it keeps up its active lifestyle enough to show us the goodies here shortly. All in all a great rainy memorial day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's a Girl...well 80% sure!

How is it possible to have an 80% girl you ask? Easy, it refuses to move from it's reclined position. It has been in the same position since our last ultra-sound. The Dr. tried to move it around, but there was no moving it from it's hammock-like relaxed position. When it did finally move, it was a quick shift, not wanting to show us the "goodies". The Dr. said, "Ah! I think I caught something, do you all want me to give you a percentage?" For the love of everything that is holy, yes...that is why we came here. He was 75% sure it was a girl. Then she he showed us these 3 lines, that I guess signify that it's a girl. He said it was in breach position so it was difficult to tell, but he said, "Actually, I'm going to bump that up to 80% sure it's a girl." We left feeling....well extremely confused. Erica was not convinced at all it was a girl, I am pretty sure that it is... an 80% is more than passing...I love 80%'s! I'm afraid to know what a 20% girl or boy looks like. We will have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks to confirm the gender. Here's the deal, we are in "Daughter Denial" I have only brothers and Erica's side has only nephews...what do we do with girls? Everyone is be continued....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Best Friends Forever

This is Nugget and Chopper. They are neighbors and best friends. We have never seen Nugget so happy and exhausted from playing with Chopper. He got to have his best friend come stay with us for the weekend and boy was he in heaven. These two dogs did not leave each others side for 3 days. With our trips to Cancun and Ojai and now this weekend, they have definitely had some quality time together. I've never seen dogs get along so well even living under the same roof. Thanks Chopper for making Nugget so are real cute! (And a whole lot nicer than Nugget's cousin Rebel!)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Babymoon in Paradise

We just got back from the sweetest vacation to Cancun or as we like to call it Cunner. We went with our close friends Katie and Tim Johnson. It was so awesome going with a couple you get along with...sometimes hard to come by. We had such a fun time relaxing, exploring, getting tan, and eating amazing authentic Mexican foodThis is Katie and I at our amazing pool...yes those are built in lounge chairs in the pool. We spent the majority of our day there because though it looks windy it is bloody hot!
I had to take a picture of Ryan's shrimp cocktail because it looked so good and of course my doctor had to tell me I couldn't have any fish down there! Needless to say I was extremely jealous. This was at La good but took walking through alleys and asking a lot of people (who thought we were crazy) to get there.Ryan made sure I put this picture because it clearly shows that he achieved "Total Domination" before this trip. Check out those love muscles. I look very similar don't you think? Not! At least I have an excuse. I think you can see my bump pretty good in this pic.
We drove these little speed boats in the ocean through small trees and bushes or as they like to call it "The Jungle." We cruised to a coral reef and got to do some awesome snorkeling. Awesome because 1.the water was so warm and clear 2. there were so many fish. We even saw a sting ray!This might have been my favorite part! We took a ferry over to Isla Mujeres and rented these little scooters. They went so fast! Unlike our broken speed boat.We rode around the tiny little island, had a much needed ice cream break and played at the beach. Are we tanner? Yeah and a little burned! We ate such good food that night at The Grill over looking the ocean at our hotel. Let's just say we had an ABSOLUTELY amazing time and we will always look back on this trip as our last one before we had kids! I highly recommend a Babymoon.(you can see more pics on Facebook)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Post-Baby Smart's Ultrasound

Yes, we finally have internet at home! We know we are a little behind. I always said I would start a blog once we had internet at home so I guess have to follow through.

Okay okay, I've decided that the dad-to-be needs to represent as well. I know all you dudes blog stalk almost as much as the women--and let's be honest sometimes their stories are different than ours, so I'm here to give both sides of every story--plus my wife has a horrible memory, especially during pregnancy so I will be here to correct history--or at least give my version.

Here are some pics of the critter, our family friend Debbie D'Agostini gave us a VIP ultrasound, which we were very grateful for, because after almost 4 months I didn't really believe Erica was pregnant, I thought it was a great excuse for her to sleep a lot and get me to do stuff. It turns out there is a baby in there! It was fun and slightly disturbing to see all the shots, we'll spare you the 3-D ones that look like Return of Chucky. We were hoping to find out the gender, but the baby was chillin in the womb not offering any peep shows. It's never too early to teach the dangers of child pornography and the importance of chasity--good job baby!

This is how it was majority of the time-with its legs kicked back and hands up by its head. I even tried jumping around to get the baby to move, but it would not budge.

Already loving that thumb! Like Ryan said we will spare the rest of the creepy shots, but for those that want to see them I am sure I can email them to you.

I hope we did ok for our first post. It will take awhile to get used to and figure out all the ins and outs. Our next post will be our fun trip to CANCUN! Yahoo!