Monday, August 29, 2011

Week Before Baby Sister Arrives

Yes, we had the baby! But before I post about that I need to get caught up on what happened the week before. So you'll just have to wait a little longer for more pictures.
Camryn tried out a dance class near our house to see if she liked it to sign up for fall. Let's just say that if you think this picture is cute, you should have seen her in that class. She and I are so excited for classes to start in a week!
Went to dinner with the Treese's who were in town from Dallas, the Clayton's & Mike C. Camryn was promised ice cream afterward and she choose the craziest colored of all...of course...Cotton Candy. She was in heaven and no she is not wearing make-up.
Sunday before the baby was born we took Camryn to San Juan to watch the horses jump. She looks so old to me here.
Monday I got to be spoiled by Glen Ivy! Brenda watched Camryn (they were both thrilled) and I had a day to myself! Massage, mud bath, laying out and my favorite nachos of all time! Pure heaven right before having a new baby!
Tuesday before I was induced we were able to drop Camryn off at Mike & Amy's for a sleepover with cousins. So we thought we would have one more dinner together as a family of 3! I will miss this one on one time with just Camryn and Ryan.
And this was actually after the baby was born but I had to throw it in here. One of Camryn's first real birthday parties for her good friend's Ben & Ethan. Such a cute idea to have the kids make their own pizza's for the party theme and they all got these cute aprons. Let's just say Camryn has worn this already a dozen times! It was such a fun week of lasts and getting ready for a lot of firsts!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6Th Wedding Anniversary & Mary Poppins

This year Ryan surprised me with a night's stay at The W Hotel in Downtown San Diego. With the baby due in 2 weeks he decided that staying close to home would best. I was so glad we got to stay here, it was so pretty and so much fun to explore downtown San Diego on foot.
Loved the exterior of this place and the interior did not disappoint. Especially the BED-and in my pregnant state this was exactly what I needed and what defines a good hotel.
Cute chalkboard in our room
The view from our room and my 38 week belly shot
For dinner we went to Fleming's in the Gaslamp district which we were able to walk to. Something about walking around a city that I just love. No stress to park and so nice to have a minute to walk off a huge dinner. Such amazing food and the chocolate cake was to die for. Conversation and company wasn't half bad either. I am so lucky to have this guy.
The next morning we took our time and had a late breakfast at The Cheese Shop. Then we spent the entire afternoon walking around the city shopping and enjoying the great San Diego weather. It was so nice to have a whole day without Camryn. And we weren't feeling bad for her since she was having a great time with Grandma & Grandpa Smart.
They took the train downtown to meet us and this was her running toward Ryan and I after not seeing us for a day. Pure excitement! There is nothing better than seeing that face!
They had so much fun riding the train down together. Then it was off to Rockin' Baja for dinner together before the big show...Mary Poppins!
Camryn has been obsessed with the movie and songs for the past 6 months and it just so happened that they were showing it downtown at the perfect time. Grandma was so sweet to get us all tickets.
Camryn was in heaven and pointed out who everyone was and sang along to her favorite songs. It was so fun to see the show through her eyes. It was just as fun to watch her expressions has it was to watch the actual show. It was such a great way to end a fabulous weekend! I am really soaking up every last minute with Ryan and my little family of 3.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary!!!

Since it is Ryan and I's 6th Anniversary I thought I would take a look back through our pictures and see how all that we have done and how different we look! Here is what I found from each year...
Our Engagement Picture, 2005
1st Anniversary-Puerta Vallarta, 2006
2nd Anniversary-San Diego Temple, 2007
3rd Anniversary-pregnant with Camryn, 2008
4th Anniversary-Lion King San Diego, 2009
5th Anniversary-The Chart House, San Diego
Ryan got me this gorgeous left hand ring. 2010
I love looking back on these years together. They have been my happiest! And I would like to say we haven't changed that much (but maybe that is just me) and to me my hubby has only gotten more handsome! Love you, Ryan!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A New Low.

It's Ryan.

My life is often filled with situations that make me want to shrink from existence. Most of them come from uncomfortable social situations-this one is no exception. Let me preface this post with my disdain for the need people feel to be politically correct. I understand that there often needs to exist an exception to every rule, but basic laws should remain in tact 99% of the time. For example, a person should not murder someone, but if they are being attacked and murder is necessary-there in lies the exception. Where are you going with this Ryan? Come, follow me and I will show you a law that should never, ever be broken...

About a week ago a coworker came up to me and said, "Don't make plans for lunch next Friday, and if your wife and daughter can come that would be great." I had recently received a promotion and thought they wanted to have a congratulatory lunch-I was filled with anxiety. I don't like obligatory attention and uncomfortable conversation-especially with a bunch of co-workers. Needless to say, I was not excited about this past Friday's lunch and there was no way I was inviting my family. I couldn't understand why someone couldn't just send me an e-mail saying congrats. Well Friday rolled around and when I walked into my office I saw this...

If I could describe the sheer terror that coursed through my body when I saw this rendition of a male baby shower you would have also thought you would never again know happiness. The shame that washed over me every time I walked passed this table of pink still stings me to the core. No one cared about my promotion or any other masculine achievement I have ever had for that matter. No, they decided to strip me of all decency and throw me a baby shower. It got worse. I had to open the gifts if front of everyone. I hate doing this on any occasion, but I actually plead with tear-filled eyes to just let me take them to my wife, "I would hate to ruin the surprise for her." Nope. I felt like a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay. I would have done anything to escape this. I thought a baby shower was ONE thing that couldn't be touched-it was still sacred for all women. Why me? Why now? Surely this couldn't be real life. I knew that touching these gifts would yield the same result as unworthily touching the Arch of the Covenant. However a quick death would have been easy, instead with every touch of pink tissue paper and the holding up of each tiny outfit for all to see a bit of my soul died. I will never be the same.

I can't leave you on this note. I have too much pride. The next day I was able to participate in a Sprint Triathlon in hopes to redeem what little bit of masculinity I had left. I will probably spend the next week sporadically killing innocent animals and eating their carcasses raw, or maybe get into a bar fight. I don't drink, though after what I have been through I was tempted.

I had a stranger snap this pic so I could send it to my wife in hopes she would no longer be ashamed of me. I still am.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Addiction

There isn't much Camryn loves more then sweets. You name it she wants it and already knows more about most candies & sweets then any normal child. Like Father like daughter-I guess we had no hope!
However, cupcakes are Camryn's all time favorite! And blue for that matter she was beyond excited! She loved dying the white batter and frosting blue and watching it change as she stirred.
About to eat one and can't control her emotions

She wanted to make them for her Nursery teachers which I just loved! So we were a little more controlled on theirs. But hers...she wanted all the sprinkles on it we had!
In heaven.
As was I seeing her pure joy. These times I will truly cherish as we are nearing the end of the time of just the two of us. I am trying to fill these last couple weeks we fun things for us to do that I will always remember and hopefully she will hold onto for at least a little while. Love this girl of mine!