Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Steps and Our 7th Anniversary

This week our little baby has discovered all things girlie. Purses, necklaces and crowns. She thinks she is the prettiest thing alive when she puts a purse on her arm. Or any bag for the matter. Doesn't she look so proud. 
Standing all on her own for so long since she is so focused on this purse. 
 Taking steps. She has taken 6 steps so far. But still needs more practice. Maybe walking before her birthday in 2 weeks. 
This one still makes me laugh out loud! She was playing with the stuff under the sink and like everything put this in her mouth. It has the perfect spot for her to suck on it like a pacifier. Pretty gross, but luckily it had been through the dishwasher so I wasn't too worried. 
  She thinks she is pretty funny. And really she is. It is like she knows what is going to get a reaction out of us.
 Friday was a gloomy hot warm day so I thought I'd go to the Children's museum. Right around it is so many fun things. Including the Centennial Olympic Park. It has the prettiest views, water shows and fountains and the greatest playgrounds. This really is such a cool city.
The girls were in heaven at this museum. They played non-stop for 3 hours. Reagan was a pro at the shopping cart, bump into something and turn around and go the other way. Camryn loved playing grocery store painting, milking the cow and putting on a tap show. (They had actual tap shoes) We went with our friends the Dunning's and had a blast until they had to kick us out because they were closing. 
That night they had $1 frozen yogurt at Menchie's for back to school. It was the perfect way to finish off a fun day. These are the days I feel like a good mom and I wear out my kids. 
Sunday was our Anniversary, so Kristy watched our kids and we got to have a date! We went to a dinner movie theater in Alpharetta. It was a cool experience. We went to see Batman but it was sold out, so instead we saw Total Recall-we thought it was good. But it was so fun to get to order your dinner before the show started and then they bring it out just as it is starting. Best part is we got free sodas and free refills. It is so nice having one on one with this guy of mine, since it doesn't happen much since we are away from family. And check out that strong neck on him? I guess all the training is working!
Sunday morning Ryan surprised me with a First Aid kit for "the 7 year itch." So thoughtful and creative. We are going to see a concert next week and dinner to feed my soul.  Then he had our friend Michelle write out the words to one of our favorite songs. Love Ryan so much and I am so lucky to have him! No itch here. 


Carrie said...

You guys are so fun and cute! I wish we got to see you more when you were here...I guess the boys did:)

Brenda said...

Reagan just makes me smile. And Ryan is so darn creative. You two make the perfect couple. I love you both.

Karen M. said...

Glad you had a fun anniversary celebration with more to come! Reagan is such a crack up-never a dull moment, for sure!

Whitney said...

I love Ryan's gift to you, that is such a creative idea! Happy Anniversary to you! It is pretty crazy that it has been 7 for you and 5 for us now!