Monday, January 26, 2009

2 Parties, 2 Nights in SD and 2 New Tricks

First was Brittany's Birthday party. We went to Pizza Port in San Clemente with like ten couple our age. That doesn't happen very often where we live so that was SO fun to hang out with everyone. This is the Birthday girl holding Camryn and that other baby is exactly one month younger than Camryn.
Afterward we went over to her in-laws to play some rockband.
(Brittany, Kathy and I)
I used Camryn as my excuse to get out of it, but Ryan got in on the action. He was so serious and didn't want to let any of the band members down. Especially Trent and his expert guitar skills. We all need to hang out more fun!

We had Camryn try out the Bumbo for the first time...she loved it! She'll sit like this for about 5 minutes and then she decides she is too tired of holding her neck up.

Ryan, Camryn and I spent Saturday afternoon with Grandpa and Granma Smart driving all the coast since the weather wasn't great (mid 60s). However, Camryn did find her first Seashell with the help of Grandpa. It is so great living so close to the beach! We also got to eat at my favorite place! Canes yet again! Can't get enough of the views and those nachos!

Then later that night we went to Nate's Dirty 30 BBQ. His new wifey Mia threw him an awesome party equipped with great food, games and a pinata! Too I have no pics. Hopefully I'll get one on here later.

How cute is that?! We brought Camryn's new swimsuit to try out! We were dying laughing at her in this, she looked like such a little girl. I brought her in the hottub before it got too hot. I've never seen her so relaxed. She loved floating on her back with her eyes closed! I can't wait for the summer time! When we got home after a fun long weekend she started laughing! It is the cutest thing. Hopfully she starts doing it more so we can catch it on tape.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Of the Devil?

Hello. Ryan here. I need some people to weigh in on a subject for me. I'll try and be brief, but for those of you who know me, the only thing brief about me are my work you can tell by my slightly enlarged face and small muffin top (in my defense my brother says my face "puffs up like a bee sting in pictures). I bought p90x, but I can't make it through one DVD--having some Russian chick be able to do 25 pull ups when you can't do one isn't really motivating (though I think I detected a slight bulge in "her" lime green spandex--I'm on to you Katarina).

So I have a slight nerd streak in me--I love Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia--just so you know, I've never read Lord of the Rings, so one cannot classify me as a sci-fi freak. I just like a little bit of thought provoking fantasy. So Erica and I rent movies from Red Box all the time--she picked the last movie-The Women-I can handle a chick flick, but this did women no favors. If any of you liked it--well you're probably still single and now you know why.
I rented The Golden Compass. I know it came out a long time ago and the only reason I didn't rent it earlier was from a chain e-mail from a friend talking about it's anti-Christian plot line. Now I don't usually read chain e-mails, especially from this girl in accounting, she's sweet, but the last time I forwarded the e-mail off to 10 friends I didn't receive a phone call in 5 minutes with someone telling me I won a million dollars (that's what I wished for--I figured world peace is soon on its way with Obama coming right?) ;)

Anyway (so much for being brief, but I hope you're interested), I decided to rent the movie. I REALLY liked the movie and I actually got a very different view of the meaning of the movie. I looked it up on Wikipedia and followed a few websites--sure enough the movie, based on the book, is about "The Church" (not ours, just in general) brainwashing kids into just beleivingand taking away their agency. The author, who is agnostic, said he believes in God, but a God like the one Christians depict deserves to be rebelled against. I wanted to be offended, but I kind of liked the idea of people believing because they want to believe and not just because they are forced to. I guess this story is one of three in a Trilogy called His Dark Tools (not the warmest series).

Here's the question...have any of you read this? What is your take on it? I think this guy has a great point. Please respond

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getaway to Palm Springs and Super Baby

Ryan had to be in Palm Springs for work so I decided to go and stay with him for the night. Not a far drive for a free night's stay and dinner.

It was supposed to be dinner with Ryan's co-workers and their spouses. Turns out one of the guy's spouse couldn't make it so he invited the new Division President. Awesome. So it ended up being like a marketing meeting and here I am the only one who doesn't work for Pulte and I have a baby with me. Ryan thought it wouldn't be awkward so I tagged along. We first met up in the bar which was not as bad as it sounds, the worst was yet to come. Who knew we were going to eat at a fancy steak restaurant like Ruth's Chris? Camryn did well for the first 20 minutes when she slept! But the rest of the time I was either walking around with her or Ryan was both of us trying to calm her down and scarf down our $40 Filet mignon. Finally after her pacifier fell and we were all searching for it under the table. I decided to head back to the room. They all kept telling me it was fine and that she wasn't that bad but I will know it is my fault when Ryan gets laid off!!!

So of course I take Camryn back to the room and she does this! She was instantly good the moment I walked out. The camera isn't straight on because she would immediately stop talking as soon as she saw it. It is long, I apologize I did this mostly for myself.

Ryan recently discovered that Camryn loves to fly... what he calls "Super Baby!" She puts her arms back and keeps her legs completely straight out. She loves it!

This picture is priceless! You have got to love both their faces!

After staying the night in a comfy bed I went to the outlets and enjoyed the 85 degree weather. It was a fun little outing even though it may be my last!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

12 Weeks Old!

She gets more fun everyday! We are so glad we are done with the first couple of months because they were pretty challenging. However, I can't decide what I'm more excited about. Her being able to fit in her 0-3 month clothes or that she eats and sleeps SO much better!

Her face is priceless in this picture. She sure love the serious look. I think she pulls it off well. However, these jeans are our favorite! She has no idea what is to come. There will be a lot of demin in her future. She already told us she can't wait for her first pair of designer jeans.