Friday, July 30, 2010

Family is Here!

My sis Amy and her family having finally moved to CA! And with that my mom was in town helping. So we go to do lots of fun things while helping them get settled.
Checking out "their beach" for the first time. We had a blast minus my sand issues. It was a perfect day to play in the water since it was actually very warm out.
After eating Ruby's Diner on the Pier-that was a fun night.
Since we will be sticking around here we renewed our zoo passes and The Atherly's bought theirs so this will be a regular thing for us. Good thing because these two are such cute friends. Camryn wants to hold Owen's hand everywhere she goes and luckily he is so patient with her he let's her do it. So cute.
The kiddies and my mom. She was so fun to have around for a while-just wish she lived closer now too.
The night before my mom left my sis Nikki and her boys came in town to make a pit stop before heading back to Sacramento all together. It worked out great having Owen and Emma up too. Cousins are the greatest.
Me and my sissy. So fun to have her and her fam here and to be able to hang out anytime we want! Can't wait for many more days to come just like these ones!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last Supper

As this will be our last month in our home we decided to have a Last Supper with some of our closest friends. We are happy we did because it was a blast and was fun to throw one last party. I was excited how my pom-poms turned out- so easy and cute!
Mia, Jack and Ryan ready to partake-is that sacrilegious?
So glad I got this picture with Brit and baby Teddy. Might be my last for a while as they are also moving, but to the bay area! Way too far away if you ask me but luckily they will be back fairly soon-love you guys and good luck!
In light of us moving we thought we pay homage to our 1st home with some pictures of our favorite rooms...
Good-bye house thank you for a great 4 years...we will miss you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Trip As The Unemployed

We needed one last vacation before Ryan starts his new job-so we hit up Park City for the 4th! I love Utah in the summer time and the 4th there really is so much more patriotic.
Stopping at J Dawgs is a must. So much so we ate there twice.
This little girl was excited for a break from the car
Once up to PC we went on a 5+ mile walk/hike to the park & pond. Where else do you get trails that cover most of the city.
We really wanted to do the alpine slide at PC Resort, but we resorted to the carousal. Camryn begged to go on it and then immediately flipped out and hated the whole ride. She would only stay on if I rode with her. However, she still talks about this white horse that goes up and down-little does she know she actually hated it.
Too go along with her obsession we took her to see some real horses. Again loves the white ones but hates getting too close.
The owners were nice enough to let us feed them carrots & said that we could come back anytime. Not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into.
On the 3rd we went down to Provo for the Freedom festival since Utah pretty much tried to all the festivities before Sunday. We hung out with Greg and his fiance Lindsey and Camryn got to have soda! Let's just say she likes it as much as her parents do.
Our good friends Shaun and Annette were nice enough to let us crash their friend's BBQ. These guys are the greatest.
Oddly enough (especially for Utah) we were the only ones with a kid. Luckily Camryn kept herself confided.
After the BBQ we headed back to PC and watched the fireworks from our favorite park shot off from the Canyons Resort. Even without a nap Camryn stayed awake and loved the whole experience.
On the 4th we made a yummy dinner for Jake, Greg and Lindsey.
Love this face.
Monday morning there was a parade in the near by town of Oakley. Camryn was in heaven with all the horses and candy! (Camryn tripped the night before hence the scab)
Then we met up with Greg and Lindsey for bowling in Heber. This place was awesome.The food was great and so cool that everything is the same from the time it opened.
Caught in the act.
The cute couple
Good lookin bowler
Camryn had so much fun
Dinner with Lauren & Mike and Greg, Allice & baby Finn-love these guys and so glad they both will be living closer!
Thanksgiving Point with Nicole and Brielle. We hadn't ever done The Farm Country before we were excited to have Camryn ride a real pony for free but she was so scared so she just watched Brielle and but we did then we have our first horse carriage ride-again she hated it-but then loved it! She is such a faker! I think it was good to see Brielle be so brave.
After a week we decided we should up back home. We even got to stay with Chris and Linds in Vegas and Lou and Layth in St George. Let's just say we have some great friends and fam and are so grateful for how fun and great they are! Now it is back to the real world. Don't know how I feel about it!