Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Rest of Cozumel

The rest of the trip went by too fast. Two full days and the last day rained-mourning our return to Atlanta. 
She may have had the best time out of all of us. Completely in her element and could be outside for as long as she wanted.
I now have this picture framed in her room. Probably my favorite of the trip. That little body in that suit. Too much.

Camryn was pretty happy too. She met another 4 year old on the trip-her boyfriend Luca. She says meeting him and being able to run back to the house and beach by herself were her favorite parts. I ache for future trips like this when she is 14. Right now it is cute, then...yikes!
Our short walk to the the pool and beach. Only bummer was that the pool was freezing! I think Camryn got in twice.
One night two taco shacks. We did this the next night too. Notice how thin Ryan looks here. Day after these guys were died. But nothing a good taco and jeep ride couldn't cure. I long for these tacos. 
Looks cloudy and sad but I remember how I felt. Not that at all.
Showing off the bod again. Ok not really but it is showing! Day 2 Ryan even went for a swim and was walking much better.
From the house there were the best tide pools. We loved this little spot we could all fit in. Sea anemones, sea urchins, hermit crabs and tiny fish.  Reagan would squeal every time she saw a fish or crab. 

It should be a law to take a tropical vacation once a year.
Ride in the jeep Mexican style. This lasted about 20 min. We were so freezing and windblown. I hate jeeps.

Now The Zebra-I loved. The guys came home with this and Vanessa and I about died. Died and gone to heaven. So funny. The last 2 cars on the island and this one for sure was the one they took. Such a fun memory this car will be. Picture 3 dudes driving around in this thing. Pure entertainment. So sad th trip ended so soon. I would definitely come back here-Thanks Cozumel!


Brenda said...

Finally a new post! Cute beach them.

Brenda said...

And I love the updated blog photos!

Karen M. said...

Beautiful ocean pictures! You'll have to go back when it's nice and relaxing for your whole trip.