Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Visit from Grandma Brenda and Papa

Better than Christmas morning for these two. Camryn saw her from a distance and Ryan let her out and she ran screaming to Brenda. Both of them were all smiles. Totally wish this was on video-totally a priceless moment. Reunited after 8 months. 

Already mentioned earlier that these two have a special connection. First grandkid and she is cut from the same mold as Ryan and this is what Brenda calls as her do over. Whatever it is-so happy that they get each other. 

Out to lunch the first day-David hadn't gotten in yet. So we hit up Session's St Grill-Greek and amazing. Our first and definitely not last time there. Happy to be eating outside though it was a little chilly.
Afterward we did a little antiquing and tea partying at Marietta Square. I was in love with those trees. Still am and Christmas is over. I should maybe go get them on sale!
Then a little Mamie's. Again first time-really good and have since been back again. Cutest little shop on china-Camryn's heaven.

Brenda found these dresses in HK and brought them back for the girls for dress up and dancing to the Hairspray song. This was one of many dance parties.
Camryn was almost equally as cute with David. Probably the best she has been with him. She was so happy she got to have some Daddy/Papa time while Brenda and I shopped.
Later that day we walked around Piedmont Park which is beautiful at Sunset and then went to the Botanical Gardens to see their lights. 
It was really fun walking around seeing the lights-but I think Camryn was having more fun with her crazy poses.
Still with the hands. But cute of David and Brenda. We lucked out with not too chilly of a night.
It was nice to have some moments by ourselves. Really forget how nice it is to have a second without children all over you. One of the biggest reasons we miss CA is having family close by.

Papa even stole Reagan's heart. Which is hard to do. She did so well with both grandparents. Loved this moment as they walked out of church. 
In their Christmas best.
That night after a "Christmas" dinner we got to open presents together. Having them in town, being together and opening gifts. It really felt like Christmas and was weird that it wasn't. 

The Mayhem afterward. There is nothing like this feeling. Something so warm.

The girls got matching jammies to Brenda's nightgown and we watched Hairspray. Nothing says Christmas like Hairspray. Well Camryn loves it so that is what we watched.

A little bowling together. Brenda killed us. And the girls had a blast running around and getting help from all of us.
And right before they had to leave they wiped up this Gingerbread house. So glad they did it together so I didn't have too. I would have fought with Camryn the whole and instead. These two couldn't stop lauging and talked the entire time. 

Such a fun memorable "before" Christmas. So glad for family visits!


Brenda said...

These pictures make me miss everyone so much!

Carrie said...

You both are great tour guides! Love the picture of Reagan with the toy glasses! So glad your kids get to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa without you two...maybe Reagan will make friends with some of us...please be me!!! So glad you got to have a great visit. As a mother of 4 boys...So glad Brenda has a daughter-in-law and granddaughters who love her!!! What a great visit you all had:)