Friday, January 25, 2013

New York Girls Trip

For Brittany's 30 Birthday I got to fly to NY for a weekend girls trip.
All by myself-really nothing better when you are a mom of two kids to fly alone in silence. Read, doze off or eat junk food the entire time. And I did just that. And no this is not a private plane as one friend thought-just a very small plane where many others puked. Glad it wasn't me.
Met these beauties after I almost puked in the cab ride from the airport-and almost every time I got in a cab there after. Ok, no more puke talk. This is Jenna Crandall-met her for my first time and loved her. People know her from her blogs, Mommy in Manhattan and Lunch pails and Lipstick. I didn't but now I am glad I do. And nothing better than being with two of my bests Kirby and Brittany.
First up try my first Macaroon. Wish I could say first of many but sadly we were saving up for lunch and only got this tiny morsel. 
We ate in SOHO at Delicatessen-man it was good. You can also see our server here-Johnny Depp's twin. Needless to say we loved it. And Brittany's Rainbow Chip birthday cake was out of this world. Like the best cupcake you have ever had in a cake form. Yum. Don't keep track of the amount of calories I consumed-it was of the charts.
After eating into an oblivion we walked around broadway and did some shopping. I was so happy though when I spotted this truck. They are known for their amazing waffles and I knew I needed one before I left NY. 
So after we went to a couple more stores I convinced everyone it was time. 
Not as good as the one I had in Barcelona but still fun to try. You have to get the Liege waffle and I got mine whipped cream and chocolate. Jenna got the ice cream and that was SO good. This guy is hoping to move to San Diego soon-so we'll keep our eyes open for this truck there too. Too bad though we were too full to even think about dinner so we cancelled our reservations.
 After walking at least 20 blocks of the city we made it back to the hotel. (We had to walk off some of what we ate.) So hard to not go to bed right then but Brittany was so excited about dressing up and going dancing. Once we all started getting ready and starting our own dance party we got excited too.

 The first couple places we checked out in the Meat Packing district were way too weird. But at least we got some cute pictures. 
The last place happened to be called The Avenues which ironically was the name of the Apartments we had met in Provo. We danced for about an hour-tired and starting to get to crowded with drunks. No thanks. But we had so much fun dancing and so glad that Brittany pushed us to stay up so late.
 Starved by 1:30 we had the best pasta dish and french fries (burger was just ok) at the Spotted Pig. We ordered light and were still hungry so it was time for bed. At 3:30-can't remember the last time I was up that late because I wanted to.
After sleeping in until 9:15 we felt like we could function. My feet and legs were so sore. Jenna headed back home and we went to brunch at Sarabeth's and walked around Central Park. We lucked out with "good" weather considering the time of year. 

Brunch was fun-nothing I love more than good breakfast. This place was so cute and girly too perfect for Sunday Brunch. (On vacation that is)

More walking and shopping in Rockefeller Square. Loved seeing all of these places since I hadn't been since I was 14 and stayed at the World Trade Towers. Crazy. I lucked out and got to see the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero from the plane so didn't feel I needed an extra trip (this time).
Had so much fun with these girls. It has been a long time since it was just us. No kids, no husbands. We love them and all but it is just different.
Then it was on to the ballet! The NYC Ballet that is. Something I've always wanted to see. And so cool that it was at the Lincoln Center. The ballet was a Tschaikovsky Celebration with pieces from Balanchine. They did a great section from Swan Lake. The Corp was unreal-of course had me in tears by the end of it. And I knew one other piece they did. Such an amazing company-I can't imagine the strict/organization of this director. Scary to think about. But so cool that I knew a couple of the dancers from Utah Regional Ballet-they were young then like 13 or 14 but now Principal dancers with NYC. Crazy. 
Such a beautiful theater! We couldn't get over this chandelier-we both wanted smaller versions for our houses.
And perfect location because we were able to see the Temple and Brittany's old church building. So cool right in the center of things.
We didn't have time for dinner before we had to rush to catch the train to Brittany's but I did pop into Crumbs for a delicious Dulce de Leche Cupcake. So glad I made a stop.
Grand Central Station. Love this place what a cool feeling. Such an old building but still so organized. Fascinating. Sunday night we were beat and went straight to bed. 
Monday was Brittany's actual birthday so I decorated to make her feel extra loved and then she showed me around her cute town and had bagels and shopped a bit. Then later went to Cheesecake for dinner and Bachelor and cupcakes to round off the night. I had such a great time with Brittany and her family. So fun to relax the day after and so different being around her family when mine isn't around. You can give a lot more attention which is nice. I sure hope we get to see each other again soon! 30 has never looked better on Brittany and I sure hope this is only the beginning to many more girls trips for me!


Carrie said...

What an amazing girls weekend! And Brittney lives near NYC now? How awesome to have friends close to the city! Jealous they get to live in/near the city! Amazing. The Ballet sounds fantastic! A collection of the neat.
Isn't central park gorgeous? I love the city popping up from the edges.

Karen M. said...

What a great reunion for you 3! And lucky you had husbands (and not nursing babies) that made it all happen. Your stops make me want to go there again!

Mây Lang Thang said...

You are so beautiful!I wish you and your family happy!

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