Friday, January 11, 2013

My Parents New Year's Visit

Before my parents came in town Camryn was all about helping clean to get ready for our visitors that had never been to our house. "Grandma and Grandpa don't want to see a dirty house." She is a character-but so grateful for her love of cleaning.

Once my parents got here we did our own "Christmas." Camryn is in LOVE with her Castle Play-doh maker. The Rapunzel growing hair is pretty entertaining. And wants to play Princess Candyland everyday. 

And could you just eat her? Those cheeks.
She got piggies for the first time and sat still with a show of course.

Pulled back hair for a rainy day at Catch Air. My girls love this place so it was fun to show my parents where we always go to wear me kids out. 

They decided they need one in Sacramento. New business venture on the horizon.
When they love-they love. And don't you love the beanie my mom made Reagan?! Talent-that one.
New Years we got the party started early. With noise makers. The girls were obsessed with their accessories. Ryan and I got to go out and see Les Mis and the girls partied with the Grandparents. Love family for that!
Then we hit up the Aquarium while Ryan had to go back to work. We lucked out and only needed one ticket and one of the workers just gave us one! Talk about luck! And tickets to the sold out dolphin show. Super cheesy but you have to experience it. 
My parents were so fun to take here because they really love it. My mom is the one keeping the penny souvenir machine in business-love that she collects them and so do the Grandkids.
Enthralled with the huge Manta-Ray's and Whale Sharks. Love this picture.
This one is pretty cute too. 

We drove to the top of Kennesaw Mountain and walked around in the 37 degree weather. Way too cold to be outside. Fun to be at the top and learn about the history of the part of the Civil War that took place but too cloudy to see the views. 
After we froze we warmed up with Biscuits! Been wanting to try this yummy place and boy was it good. My dad and I tried their famous Biscuits and Gravy and Camryn loved her cinnamon roll. We need to go back and try their fried biscuit they were sold out of. 
My parents are cute.
After learning about the battle here-only makes sense to see where they are buried. No really this is one of my favorite sites here. May be morbid but this cemetery is like a mini Arlington. Love the perfect rows and circles.

And beautiful wreaths on all the stones. 
And no visit would be complete without seeing the Big Chicken. So ugly, hilarious and just wrong-but yet so right. Kinda wish we could have eaten there because my dad shares Ryan and I's love for their food but too full from other biscuits. This is the original KFC here and ask my dad anything else about it, he did some serious research. I knew he would appreciate it. This is also that spot where I broke down and cried when we were looking to move here. Special, awful place. 

Last but certainly not least Miss Maime's Cupcakes. Sad we could eat them on China this time but man that Strawberry was killer. Too bad it was Camryn and we had to keep asking for more bites. We had such a great visit with my parents. It is always so nice spending one on one time together. Sure wish we were not so far away but thankful for all the ways we can see each other these days. But that doesn't mean I felt good about washing their sheets and putting them back on the bed not knowing who was going to visit next. We had such a good run or visitors. Let's hope we get some surprises;)!

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Karen M. said...

Thanks for posting about our visit. It sure was fun for us to see your current stomping grounds, see the places you go, and mostly those cute granddaughters of ours. The aquarium was a highlight for sure!