Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas with Our Little Family

After Brenda and David left we stayed pretty busy with festivities. Ryan still had time off to use so we spent a lot of time together as a family. This would be our first Christmas just us and having Santa visit our house and fill our stockings and put presents under our tree. So different from what both Ryan and I are used to. We thought we'd be lonely but it was actually fun. At times it was weird but overall was so great doing things on our own time and not having to travel anywhere with little ones. 
My pretty girl making one of my favorite Christmas cookies. She had so much fun with these because she really could do it all by herself.
Got our fire working! We watched many movies and shows to get us in the spirit. This is Ryan's favorite-Muppet's Christmas Carol. 
 I had so much fun this year making these serving spoons and trivets for friends and family. I want to try and do something like this every year. Saves me money and so fun.
On Christmas Eve Camryn and I went and saw the Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker. I love this tradition and I am so happy to have a daughter who will join me in one of my favorite Christmas memories. Sure hope Reagan will join us in a couple years and maybe by then Camryn will be in it!

Loved this Theatre. So old and charming.

Intermission-Camryn was starting to lose it. Tired and ready to go. 
But nothing that popcorn and a soda won't cure. So glad this Theatre allowed it!
 That night we got in our jammies and watched Polar Express and had hot chocolate. Hope this tradition stays!
 We then left cookies and milk for Santa and the girls we asleep by 7:30. 
We didn't wake up to snow but we did have fog and it felt like Christmas. 
Pretty excited she fit!
It was a sucessful morning with a visit from Santa and the girls got everything they hoped for and more. I think Camryn was most excited about the things in her stocking. Funny girl loves all things hygiene. 
Her own cleaning supplies
 So happy to get the Snow White she asked Santa for!
 Christmas lazy day-all that it should be. 
My little clone baby that loves to cuddle while watching shows.

Camryn testing out her vintage Easy Bake Oven. Let's just say you should eat vintage food.

Social girl waving at everyone while we were shopping at the freezing cold outlets a few days after Christmas.
 Grumpy face Reagan is hilarious. This was at a friend's baptism.
We had such a great Christmas together. It was so fun starting our own traditions. Sad it is all over now.


Brenda said...
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Brenda said...

The gifts you made your friends turned out darling!

Carrie said...

Love that you took Camryn to the Nutcracker. I LOVE Reagan's pouty face!!!!!

Karen M. said...

It's so great that you got to start some of your own family traditions and it wasn't too weird not being with family. So how come there weren't any of those cookies left by the time we got there?