Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting in the Spirit of Things

 After coming home to warmth and sunshine it was really hard to get into the spirit of things and start acting like Christmas was coming soon. It was nice to put it off one more weekend and just relax when Mia and Nate came into town with their cute boy Ethan. He was just days old before we moved so it was so fun to see his personality and it is also great having visitors-especially good friends.

The weather was helping but still felt weird. 
We started making crafts-that helped. Boy does this girl love to craft.
Like Mother like Daughter I guess.
Ellie our Elf finally arrived and Camryn was already sweet talking her. "I like your eyelashes and lipstick-so pretty."
 Then we finally got our tree. We did it very different this year. Instead of going out like a family and choosing the perfect one. I went by myself and choose one already wrapped up from Costco on a truck.  Best tree yet. Funny how things work.

  It was finally feeling like Christmas. 
Oh I tried out this Farmer's Market Basket company-$15 for all this. Not Christmasy but I to document it. I am from now on doing my produce shopping this way. Fresh and cheap!
And of course my sick children. Sickest winter yet for us. Sick every other week around year. Nothing says Christmas like a good cold. 

And Nugs couldn't have been happier that we were finally home and no plans to leave. 

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Carrie said...

Camryn's candid talking to Elfie...forget her hilarous...reminds me of Tommy Boy talking to his roll.