Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ironman Cozumel

Figured I needed to post my side of the day of the race and some pictures we took.
 The before-as ready as they are going to get!
 No idea what their dad is in for
 Mass of bodies-2700 racers all started at the same time and from treading water for 15 minutes before they blew the horn. My nightmare. 
We found a spot where we could watch the guys transition from Swim to Bike and luck out and saw David and Jake. Due to my screaming children I missed Ryan. We soon realized how much more we would be able to see without children around. 
Loved this picture Vanessa captured. At least it was a beautiful day-the weather was awesome for us-a little hot for the racers though.
We were able to find a place to walk to watch the bike portion of the race. With 3 laps we knew if we hung out there that we would see them at least once in 2 1/2 hours. Well we must have just missed them on their 2 lap because finally after 2 or so hours we saw both David and Ryan. Didn't see Jake this time around. 
Vanessa had the great idea to make signs and we had so much fun trying to entertain our kids and keep a close eye on every rider that whizzed by. Never been so grateful for Ryan's white suit. 
Reagan was fully entertained by running in the streets and throwing coconuts she found on the ground. And I brought a couple coloring books for Camryn. So different. It was really so fun to cheer everyone on and I just loved how into it the entire island was. 
Finally an hour after we saw David we spotted Ryan. It was awesome that we were all able to run out in the street and the girls full on saw him-love him waving in this one. It was so great seeing him and know he was safe and smiling. 
Only wish we would have asked what lap he was on. I thought lap 3 by the timing of things-but the internet said lap 1. Never been more confused and nervous in my life-minus child birth. The website was awesome for estimates and where you should go to find the guys but it was not exact and that is what led to my ulcers.
Since it seemed like David's tracker was working Vanessa headed to the finish line to see David, while I watched the girls. It worked out perfect to have this place together when them. Then David and Vanessa came home and I went out with Camryn while Reagan slept and tried to find Jake and Ryan.
 Almost as soon as we got there and found a place to watch on the road we saw Ryan doing his last lap! He was still running and walking for breaks at that point and was on his last lap. And someone told me that the last lap was only 4.5 miles. I was SO happy!
I was glad Camryn wanted to come to see Ryan finish-she was really cute about it and I was glad have a buddy. But same as I mentioned earlier-so much harder to sit in one place for a LONG time. Not to mention the 3x she had to go to the bathroom. Let's just say I was so stressed out that I wasn't going to see the guys finish. 

We saw Jake just as he was about to finish but because he was with some other guys blocking his view he couldn't see us. I was so sad not to be right there when he finished since he had no idea anyone was there for him. It wasn't until probably an hour later that I found him what looked like passed out on the grass. He had seen Ryan on the lap and knew he was probably still an hour out. It was so nice that they were laps so the guys could see each other pass by on the other side. Where I thought the last lap was 4.5 miles it was actually 9. No wonder. And I had no reason to be freaking out about missing him-in fact I should have been killing time.
Instead Camryn just "slept" on the street and I stared down that road as far as I could see. Finally almost 2 hours after Jake I see Ryan's glow (white suit, neon socks and shoes) and ran to him. So emotional the whole thing. 

He even tried to run that last little bit even though his knees were killing him. Though he probably lost 10 pounds from the race-he never looked more handsome. Weird I know but it was the sense of accomplishment he exuded.

Such a proud and happy moment. It was so cool to watch this and be apart of something so big. 
I really am so proud of these guys. I would never in my life be able or want to do this. It is just as much mental as physical. I am impressed. The fact that Ryan still wanted to do this with bad knees is so amazing to me. I may have not been supportive at the beginning but once I knew it was in his mind he wasn't going to push it aside. It wasn't that I didn't think he could do it I was worried about his physical health after the race was over and having surgery and not being the same again. Though he may not be the same again it is not because of the pain of the race it is because he is an IRONMAN.
Finally decided she loved Dad enough not to care about the sweat. 
And the much needed massage. Check out that tan-line-and yes he still has it and will probably keep it as he can't get the tattoo. 
And just as Vanessa had been referring to the race as their childbirth-after the fact they both said they would never do it again. Then after the pain wears off and that have it just as a memory they all want to do it again. Urgh!


Ryan Smart said...

Thanks for the shout out! Just to clarify, I was on my 3rd lap of the bike-stupid internet crushing my pride! :)

Brenda said...

I cry every time I read any entry about the ironman. I was like you, not supporting Ryan at first because I thought he may not make it physically. I had nightmares that his kidneys failed. It's a wife/mother thing. Beyond proud!

Karen M. said...

I'm so glad you posted your side of the story. It's good to see how stressful this was for those who care and were only watching. I can't imagine it! We were so stressed out watching the internet posting. Being there in person-crazy! So touching that you finished with him-true support!