Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Intsagram Rejects

I can't post everything on Insta. You would all hate me and think my kids were annoying and ugly. People just don't like your kids the way that you do and I get that. But I need to post them somewhere. Since like Ryan said blogs are so 2011 so no one reads this anymore and it is strictly for journaling and grandparents and some family.
When these two get a along nothing melts my heart more. Within the last 2 months I see it more and more. Reagan is close to 18 months now and can really play start to play with Camryn.
Camryn loves reading her books and Reagan won't pass up any book.

I posted the other picture of Reagan sleeping on me but this one was hilarious. I was so sad she was naked. I could have sat there while she slept. Kids sleeping on us doesn't happen so I could not get over this. Such a sweet moment.
If the TV brings cuddles and loves I am all for it! 
A rare warmer moment outside-as soon as it gets warm we head out. 50 degrees and above is warm at this point. So weird that I am ok with that.
Loved this pic at the Aquarium when we went with the McGrath's. Been so grateful to have annual passes.
Camryn loves her dance class and I love to watch her concentration and little body.
Reagan has gotten into crafting with Camryn. She has figured out how to do stickers and this saves us from a lot of tears because she wants to do what Camryn does.
Care packages and anything that comes in the mail is a big treat around here!
The day it got to 73 and hiked Kennesaw Mountain the girls could have been outside all day collecting rocks in doogie poop bags. So funny what entertains kids. I just love when Reagan can do what Camryn can-makes it more fun for both of them. Too bad it started to sprinkle and the fun was over. 

Cute outfit day and car rides.

Momma cuddles. She is SO much more cuddly than Camryn ever was or is. I love this about her.
And finally at 17 months she said Mama! She has double her vocabulary and saying so many words now. So crazy she just figured that one out. Camryn was yelling for me and then Reagan goes Mama! So anytime we wanted to hear her say it I'd have to go in the other room and Camryn would yell for me and then Reagan would chime in. 
Skinny jeans on this body.
Camryn was so proud she could catch her off the ottoman and carry her around. 
Stacking my new craft. I really love these things. 
Torando shelter fun

The girls love playing baby in Reagan's crib. They do this almost daily.
Reagan's obsession with Cats. "Oeow!"

Changing nap time to 1:00 is rough. She is tired by 9:30 and this is where I found her one morning in my closet.
Making stew just like I used to as a kid. Her hair is gorgeous here in the sun. I die over this girls hair.
Camryn loves to get Reagan cozy and Reagan is usually pretty happy about it. This picture brought a smile to my face after having a bad day.
I think a lot about how weird it is that we take pictures of our kids daily. Not just once but a ton. So different from our parents generation and even us growing up. Film and bad camera and no way to upload them to a computer. With a phone camera it is almost impossible to not take a picture a day. Sometimes I literally feel like the paparazzi but other times I am so grateful to be able to look back and completely remember one single day so well or the feelings that went along with those experiences. So though I think it is bizarre that we share our personal family lives with so many and have so many picture that probably look so similar-it also makes me happy and I hope it makes you all happy too.


MediocreMama said...

I know...sometimes I feel like I'm missing out by taking pictures but I'm always glad I have them later. And being so far from family...blogs will never go out of style around here. It is so easy to keep everyone posted! And when you have zero craft/creative skills like me...there are no other options.

Oh and p.s...even though they're not mine, I still think your girls are beautiful :)

Brenda said...

I for one am very grateful for ALL of the pictures on Instagram and the blog. DO NOT stop blogging. I live for these posts! Love you all!

Carrie said...

I couldn't agree more about everything! I'm obsessed with taking pictures...and I blog for my own scrapbooking and for grandparents. I love having the record...and looking back in time. I love the sweet moments pictures...love it all...agree totally. Love those girls and all the pictures makes me sorta feel like I know them...but they don't know me so we'll have to work on that when they come!

Karen M. said...

I don't think you can call any of these pictures rejects! I'm so grateful for the Instagram pictures each day-they are the best. But I love the blog posts because we get to hear your voice and know what you're thinking and feeling. They keep us connected to you. Don't quit-for sure!