Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reagan 10 Months

While at my parent's this little one turned 10 months-June 24th. Can't believe she is 2 months away from being 1! Too fast this has gone by. Reagie does not lack personality. Right now she doesn't stop moving and when she is on cement this is how she gets around-the gorilla walk. 
 She also doesn't stop moving her mouth. Whether it is babbling, clicking her tongue or making lalala over and over. I am worried. I thought Camryn talked a lot but this might be topped. Could be a loud house I lead. 

 Look at these faces-never a dull moment. However, she is still as sweet as can be and LOVES her cousins and any kids for that matter and kisses on the mouth. She has all of our hearts and good thing too because she has a stubborn side and wants what she wants and will find a way to get it.
We all love her more everyday and she is a joy to be around.


Brenda said...

She is exactly that: A JOY!

Karen M. said...

So right-a joy! If she wasn't doing so much talking, you might forget she was around. Love that chill-baby girl!