Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Fun in GB

Most of our days involved this. I forgot how wonderful it is to have your own pool when it is so hot outside. If we weren't out there all day we would go back and forth from inside to outside all day long. 
 Cousin Buddies and Fremenies. They are the best and the worst together. But they are cute so we still love them!
Me with my baby. Reagan is a total water baby, way more adventurous than Camryn ever was.
 Amy with her baby. Love this picture of them.
 The day after we went to the bug museum, we had a butterfly of our own fly into the backyard. One of his wings was broken so he let us pick him up without flying away. The kids were in heaven.

 Both mine and Camryn's happy place.
 Look at this blondie. I mean, come on?

 Own has turned into a full on fish and is such a good swimmer. And now he discovered how fun it is to be tossed off the waterfall. Sure wish Mike could do that to me.

 Picnic at the Sacramento Temple. I love all these cousin pictures and especially that Ryan is old enough to hold Reagan. Who else gets a kick out of Kyle's faces?
After we checked out the new Children's Museum. This place was awesome for these girls ages. What would a kid love more than getting to paint on a glass wall. Genius. I will definitely go back there again. But then again maybe everything is more fun with your cousins around.


Brenda said...

Seeing the girls with all of the cousins makes me so happy for them.

Karen M. said...

Too bad you didn't get a picture of that great playhouse. I think Camryn and Emma could have lived there. Well, until they figured out that the plastic food wasn't too tasty. Kyle's faces are the best!

Carrie said...

Those butterflies are crazy! Hello...you weren't in a butterfly house...did the kids have otterpop juice all over them or something?