Friday, July 13, 2012

GB Summer Recap

Since Ryan was headed to SLC for Lezlie's wedding and I couldn't go with the kids we decided what a better time to go to Granite Bay to see my family. So I made the flight and realized I needed to stay 3 weeks to make such a long flight worth it. I took a ton of pics and had so much fun so I will break it up. This is the first week-which was awesome weather we took advantage of doing everything outside. 
 So we hit up the Sacramento Zoo with all the cousins (the ones that live here). It is the smallest, cutest zoo. I like it since the animals are so close up with small enclosures. 
 Camryn is such a ham! She is in love with her older boy cousins. She teases them, laughs at their jokes and gives them so much attention. Up until this year the boys didn't like it, but this year it was a different story-they loved her attention-so funny to watch and a good thing they are just cousins and it is innocent.  Right after this picture was taken she was lifting up her skirt and showing Ryan her undies and he kept telling her to put her dress down. We are IN TROUBLE for the teenage years! 

Poor Reagan wasn't feeling well with the jet-lag and teething but she was a trooper-hence the binkie clip! 
 Celebrating Uncle Mike's Birthday and more love and kisses for Sean-he is secertly loving it!
 All the cousins watching a show together-minus Cade.
 Us girls had a day to ourselves with my parents so we hit up Folsom Lake to throw rocks and enjoy the weather. Then we hit up Costa Vida, satisfied my Cafe Rio fix-delicious.
 My mom had heard about this bug museum in Davis so we took a trip down there to check it out. Small and not the greatest place but they let us hold the stick bugs and couldn't believe Camryn wanted to do-in fact she did it first before Owen. And yes she wore this dress almost everyday.
I did think the huge library of bugs was fascinating. There were rows and rows like this fill with different spices and at least 100 bugs in each one.

 After we took a walk along the water and let the kids take turns putting on show in this little outdoor theater.
 And finally after 4-5 days Reagan was back to herself. And loving her on the mouth kisses from her cousins.
 On the way home we had to make a pit stop at my parents favorite fruit stand. Such yummy goodies!

One of the many crafts/painting projects we did with these girlies-4th of July Banner
One night we took the Kayak out to Lake Natomas. Such a perfect night out at the lake-warm and not crowded and topped off with Round Table Pizza. 

A trip out with Grandma and Grandpa. This lake is awesome to kayak on because there little islands and small inlets so it feels like going down the Bayou. This was one of our favorite nights out.


Brenda said...

As I said on instagram, the last picture is darling. I love Reagan's kisses, and of course, the always "charming" Camryn trying to win the boys over. The picture of Camryn and your dad is just precious.

Karen M. said...

I love the journaling of our activities. The girls are so fun but Reagan wins the "trooper" award!