Monday, July 23, 2012

4th of July

This has become one of my favorite holidays. I love the colors, and love getting time together with my family. Sadly we were away from Ryan but we had a great time with lots of my family. First up was the Pancake Breakfast and parade at one of my old church buildings. 
Made sure I got a picture of my girls before their outfits were dirty and they were over it completely.
Camryn wanted to take a picture of us next-she does a pretty good job actually. 
My beautiful mom 

Then the parade-these two were pros at riding around. 
Sadly Camryn had no clue how to ride a bike so she tried the scooter-fail. But then she ended up ditching the whole thing and just ran. After this I am determined to have her practice more. 
Then we swam and the kids decorated cupcakes. One of Camryn's all time favorite things. She couldn't keep the knife out of her mouth-good thing they were just for the kids. 
Next we headed to my Grandma Marilyn's house. She rented this huge water bounce house slide and slip and slide. Camryn had a rough start but then let me go down with her a couple times. And then of course Reagan was in heaven. She loved going down the slide with me and then backward. Then she couldn't get enough of the slip and slide and thought it was hilarious. So much personality in a little tiny body. 
After a delicious BBQ and so much food, the kids made the old fashion ice cream in a bag. 

She loved this and it tasted so good. We need to do it again soon.
Is Emma not a beauty? Those features are too die for and her body is something to mention too. She has got to be a star athlete with those legs. Love my cute niece. 
Any question where she gets her good looks?
We set up to watch our own fireworks and the big fireworks out front. Reagan was in heaven crawling from spot to spot with so much attention from her cousins. 
What it is like to be a kid-those were the days!
The amount of fireworks everyone had was insane. We easily watched these for an hour. 
Mesmerized the whole time. Holidays are so much better with kids!
Watching the final show with my girls. Love the moments I get to cuddle since it rarely happens. And then Reagan fell asleep just before the best finale I have ever seen. Such a fun day to celebrate our country. 


Brenda said...

You captured all of the happiness perfectly.

Carrie said...

Well that first picture of the girls is my favorite!!!!
How fun you guys went to the pancake breakfast and parade! I love that tradition:)
Love all these pictures!!!

Karen M. said...

You got some really good pictures-that was such a fun day!