Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

Started out rather stressful. We both had to speak and teach at church. So it was a frantic morning getting fed (egg sandwiches for Ryan's day), presents to give and out the door to be ready to speak by 9:00. We made it and everything went great. 

By Elders Quorum Reagan was out. Ryan had to take a picture because she never falls asleep on us and then the fact that she is just laid out on his laid. Our friend's little girl, Maya had brought this baby doll and I guess it was the magic touch to get her to sleep. 
Feeling more relaxed and time for a picture with his girls. Such a good picture of all of them!
Ryan's request-Stuffed Flank Steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus and Asaigo bread. For dessert we had Whoopies Pies-his dessert of choice as of late. 
I had made an intsagram book for him since he started taking pictures over a year ago. I loved putting it together and it will be fun to look back these in a book. Father's Day is such a great time to reflect on the father's in our lives. I sure lucked out with some pretty amazing dads. I loved getting to celebrate them. A big I love you to all the amazing men in my life.


MediocreMama said...

Dinner looked fantastic!

And you can make INSTAGRAM BOOKS?! This changes everything...tell me how.

Brenda said...

I didn't know you made a book for Ryan. What a cool idea. Something he will treasure for life. And as always you out did yourself with the Father's Day meal. Pinterest has made you into quite the cook young lady. Love you