Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend-Lake Lanier

We had big plans to go down to Destin Florida but with the holiday we couldn't find anywhere to stay. What we get for a last minute trip. So instead we stayed closer to home and went to Lake Lanier with the McGrath's. It was crowded with boats, boozers, and the kind that go with those to things. But we managed to have a great time together. 
This girl is a water baby. Now that she has figured out how to wave is does it so much. It is so cute, like she is really proud of herself.
We rented a couple Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) and they were so much fun. Ryan and I have been wanting to try to for what seems like years so we were happy to finally put that desire to rest. And we were so happy that we had bought a life jacket for Camryn over a year ago and finally got to use it. She loved going for rides so much. Even Maya who is 18 mos went for multiple rides. And of course Reagan was just loving her water time in the raft.
View of part of the lake.
My turn. Such a good workout and just fun to be on the water and not on a boat.

See the boozers-we just embraced it and went with it.
Another view
Reagan was so tired at one point I swore she was asleep like this-looks like a bear sitting like this.
The little ones, these two love each other and were giving so many kisses but we were too slow with the camera. We are so happy to be out her with the McGrath's. They are becoming such good friend of ours already.


Brenda said...

The guy behind you is obviously enjoying the view. Regains swimming suit is darling. She looks so happy.

Brittany Simmons said...

Hannah is from destine and her family owns a vacation rental company. but looks like you had other fun plans!

Carrie said...

Fun to find new places to enjoy. I'm jealous of the SUPs! I want to try that too:) Adorable girls. Love to see them on here!

Karen M. said...

This looked so fun for you all-minus the drinking. I love the paddleboard idea too. It looks easy but I bet its hard. Cute little swimmers!

Anonymous said...

Okay ... what in the world in going on with Ryan's body? Amazing!!!!