Monday, June 18, 2012

This Week

I already posted on one adventure we took this week but here are some other pictures of things we did this past week.
We got a screw in one of our tires (happens more often than it should to us) and had to wait for it to come in. So we found a pet store next door and this little puppy kept us all entertained until it was done.  Camryn wanted to buy him of course but another puppy is not in our future. So cute though, loved his Pug-Beagle mix.
 On Thursday Camryn insisted on cleaning "the wood" with a toothbrush. Kept her occupied for a good 45 minutes. I would have given up after 5 minutes. She said that she needed to make the wood look "more groovy and festive." I know I have never said the word groovy. She has a love of cleaning and I am so grateful.
  Reagan this week aside from saying all-done, learned how to play peek-a-boo on her own. She probably did this at least 30 times before I was tired and had to move on to something else. 
 And her top left tooth broke through-you can kinda see it in this picture. I noticed because she was grinding her teeth. Not because I could see it. Not good. 
On Saturday we finally got around to cleaning our garage. That is I think always the last place to make you feel settled. We were able to use our attic and I love that thing! Out of the way completely. Reagan was happy in her car and Camryn loved finding "treasures" as we went through our last few boxes. The garage and I are very happy. 
After garage duty we headed to Lake Allatoona. Ryan hadn't been and we both wanted some sun. More crowded than mid week but still a lot of fun. 
 Cheesey smile shows it all.
Love this Father/Daughter moment. 
And I loved this after swim cuddle. Reagan is such a busy body that cuddling is so cherished. Times like these I really feel like a family of 4 and I like it. 


Brenda said...

Camryn's cleaning obsession is fantastic. Reagan is just so busy and darling. Such two fun little girls.

Jaimie said...

That picture of Camryn and Ryan just killed me. Too cute!!

Karen M. said...

Can't wait to actually see these girls and get my fill of cheesy smiles and help with housecleaning! Safe traveling!