Friday, June 15, 2012

Riverside Park

Driving a couple weeks ago I saw this park with a splash park, couple playgrounds and a riverwalk, so we decided to check it out. We got ready to play in the water but when we got there it wan't quite warm enough to make it worth the $2. I know I am cheap, give me a break. Actually it was just a good excuse to tell Camryn. So instead we had a picnic, ran around and walk along the Chattahoochee River.
I have always tried to capture her cheesey smile. Well now when you go to take her picture she gives this smile more often than not. Crinkle in her nose and all. This little squirt said her first word this week! She says "all done"-more like first 2 words, weirdo jumped right to combining two together. She says momma, dadda but she doesn't say them for us yet. But all done-she says all the time and it is so cute!
 Camryn taking pictures-she loves doing this now. It is funny seeing myself and not behind the camera when I am just with my kids.
 My poser-everytime the camera clicks she strikes another pose. Such a super model got that figured out already!
 Beautiful bridge to the river

 It really is so pretty here.
 Blackberry bushes all along the way-we picked a few to snack on. Having them like this makes them taste so good. 


Brenda said...

Love my girls

Karen M. said...

You are quite the adventurer! I hope you don't find our hot weather too confining-only if the girls love the pool!