Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Rest of Memorial Day Weekend

Reagan showed her patriotism on Sunday in this cute dress from a friend of ours. She makes me laugh so much with her "hiding spots" and digging in these boxes. I have tried to get a picture of her cheesey smile with a crinkled nose and all but it doesn't last very long.

Starting to really climb the stairs now and I hate it! At first it was just a couple and then she would just stand like this but now it is four or five stairs. Is this dress not the cutest?
 Got Camryn a kite and it was the perfect morning to fly it on Monday. Too bad it was a $1 store find and didn't work very well, but man we felt American.
 Showed my pride on our balcony. Have I mentioned I love easy crafts?

 Later that afternoon we went to the McGrath's for a BBQ and let the girls run in the sprinkler. Good food and fun outside makes for a perfect Memorial Day. 
Camryn and Maya just happened to be wearing twinner shirts. Camryn looks gigantic next to Maya.
 And one of this one just because she is cute. Happy Memorial Day!


Brenda said...

Memorial day had greater meaning to me this year. Thank you for posting. Reagan makes me smile.

Carrie said...

Love reagan's hiding is corners and stuff! Cade so does that...but with something he's not supposed to have!
love the Memorial Day the southern house and Americana flag buntings! Plus red white a blue dress: adorable one! I keep forgetting to comment on Camryn's naked gardening. hilarious. Gardening in the nude seems so itchy to me. yuck:) Love all your new adventures!