Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have been a boring photographer lately. Sorry. It is just so easy to talk pictures on our phones these days that I hate lugging around my big camera. So here is our weekend in pictures. 
 Ryan got to take a half day with the girls on Friday and instead of buying cupcakes they made cupcakes. Cupcakes from scratch. After he made them a friend suggested broiling them for a few minutes and that made all the different. Sort of a S'mores cupcake that melted in your mouth. I am loving all this cooking Ryan has been doing. 
Saturday morning Ryan took Camryn to the Atlanta Soapbox races at Piedmont Park. Knowing it would be hard with kids I stayed home with Reagan then went to the park later on. I loved my quiet one on one time with her. Definitely has a piece of my heart. 
They have this public pool in the middle of the park with a beautiful view of the city and lake for only $4 and $1 for the kids. It has beach entry, a splash pad, lazy river and a toilet bowl type current in that circle above. 
 The girls were in total heaven. Camryn has gotten so good at swimming with her floaties and wants to swim all the time. Now we just need swim lessons. And Reagan full on kicks her legs like a frog anytime she is in the water. She doesn't want to play in the shallow water, she wants to be full on swimming. 
 After a long day we tuckered them out. This is my favorite smile of Reagan's. And Camryn was out the second we started walking back to the car. Dead hands and all just like mine-according to Ryan.
 Since Camryn had a good long nap she was finally able to stay awake long enough to catch some fireflies. We all had so much fun doing this. This is my first experience with them. They are just gross little beetle looking bugs but lighting up in the sky is pretty cool. 
 Can't take a normal picture to save her life. In a jar they went and by her bed they stayed until she fell asleep and I let them go. 
 Sunday night we put Camryn to bed and then she comes running out saying she wants to "read" her scriptures before she falls asleep. Maybe kids do have the light of Christ in them as we say they do after all.


Brenda said...

Great post. Reagan's smile melts my heart, and Camryn's ploy to stay up later reading is brilliant. Hey, she could just ask to stay up and read, but asking for her scriptures is quite genius. How are you going to say no? Love that crafty little one.

Karen M. said...

You got some great pictures, especially Reagan's smile! I loved seeing some of Camryn's bedroom-it looks supeer cute! The headboard turned out really good and did you repaint the little dresser? I love that you included pictures of Camryn on the wall! I vote for the "light of Christ"-she probably remembered something she heard at church. She never forgets a thing!