Saturday, May 12, 2012

Strawberry Fields

When Brenda was in town we attempted to go pick strawberries, but the field we went to were closed. So when we had a break from the Atlanta heat and had a beautiful "California"weather day we traveled  to one of the other farms. Within seconds  of picking Camryn got stuck in a huge puddle of mud she got so upset but then we were able to recover and had such a fun shoeless outside day. 

 Best part for sure is all the sampling you can do along the way.

 Break for a picnic lunch and then back to it to fill our gallon bucket.

 So much for not giving babies strawberries until they are one. She couldn't leave any on the bushes. Stems and all sometimes. She is so much more strong willed and wanting to do everything on her own then Camryn ever was. No way could I hold her, she needed to be down in the action. Pull herself up to each spot and crawling to the next. 
 One of my favorite days with these two girls I have ever had.
 And my favorite picture of these two as of yet. For just 10 bucks, I think we will be back.


Brenda said...

Although every one of those pictures are amazing, I too love the last one. You did a great job on all the pictures (however, you did have pretty amazing subjects to work with). Oh how I miss my girls.

Carrie said...

only 10 bucks? what a deal! I just love all these pictures of Reags...she's at such a fun and changing stage! The last one is fantastic with such a great big sister...but I also love Reagan exploring the rows of strawberries! I want that day too!

Karen M. said...

I don't know how I missed this post. Someone that could pull themself along in the dirt to get to strawberries? She must be related to me! I love the strawberry faces!