Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ryan's First Real Deal Triathlon

Peachtree City Triathalon
Watching these races can be such a gamble. Never know if you are actually going to get to see anything because of the timing of when you get to each location and everyone looks the same. Hence why this was the first time I have been to a race and brought the girls along. We lucked out though and saw him finish the 25 mile bike ride and transition to the 10K and then finish the race.
Real proud girl of her dad. "Dad, how you run so fast?" Love kids for this stuff. Cause the whole time she was saying, "Why is Daddy taking so long?
Obsessed with the bike he had to rent since his hadn't made it out here since the move. Might be a problem since these things cost as much as a run down car.
 This was the lake he swam in. So pretty here and a great place to wait while he raced.
 See those orange buoys at the very end? That is where he had to go around and come back. A mile swim, but he says it was the best swim than any other sprint tri he has done even though it was double in length. So warm and clear. 
 It was so fun to come see what Ryan works towards everyday when he leaves for the gym and I am still dead asleep. Apparently this won't be his last-he loves this races, so I guess it is good we enjoyed coming out for it. 


Brenda said...

Way to go son. It's so exciting to see you have found such a great outlet from work. You have the cutest fan club in Georgia.

Karen M. said...

What a great accomplishmet for Ryan! I'm glad you all got to be a part of it too. I would still love to know how a person can do all that and enjoy it at the same time.